CoinZoom Leading a New Beginning for Crypto Payment Acceptance

Sahaj  |  Aug 2, 2021

The next-generation crypto exchange platform CoinZoom is well-equipped with a full suite of services related to crypto and is currently spearheading the new dawn for crypto payment acceptance. Let it be any crypto debit cards to remittances, CoinZoom extends support to the financial services that are required to assist crypto to take a mainstream approach.

Crypto Exchange CoinZoom Aims to Improve Crypto Payment Acceptance Services

Though the crypto ecosystem has evolved a lot over the last couple of years, the use of crypto assets in the real world is still restricted, and digital assets have little to no value in the real world. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that the crypto wallets and the entire process of sending and receiving coins are not always congenital.

CoinZoom was founded back in the year 2018, and it introduced its online exchange back in the month of March of the year 2020. 

The cryptocurrency exchange that is based in the United States offers a range of carefully designed features to link the gap between financial solutions giants and cryptocurrencies

Moreover, it should be noted that the growing number of exchanges has led to stricter regulations from regulators and authorities worldwide. 

More About the Regulated Crypto Services Offering Firm

CoinZoom is led by an experienced team and is fully regulated in the United States under the Money Services Business license.

Along with this, the firm has acquired the Australian Digital Currency Exchange registration and is in the middle of applying for the E-Money License in the European Union.

It allows its users to trade over 30 cryptocurrencies across 120 markets, along with providing a range of CoinZoom Visa cards that people can use to spend both fiat and crypto across 53 million merchant stores.

Also, it offers the users a free P2P remittance service, ZoomMe, which eases crypto and fiat transfers without any boundary restrictions. 

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