Craig Wright Drops The Lawsuit Against Vitalik Buterin
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Craig Wright Drops The Lawsuit Against Vitalik Buterin

April 18, 2020      Zain Raza

In a twist of events, the self-proclaimed creator of the top cryptocurrency bitcoin, Craig Wright has dropped his lawsuit against Vitalik Bulletin, the co-founder of Ethereum. Both parties have come forward to confirm this news.

Craig Wright filed five law cases against different people from the crypto space, who didn’t buy his claims that he is the original creator of the king coin.

The CO founder of Ethereum, in the Deconomy event of 2018 held in Seoul, South Korea called out Craig Wright on stage and stated that someone like him who’s a fraud shouldn’t be allowed to speak on stage.  Buterin also collected quotes and articles from other prominent crypto people who have had their reservation about his bizarre claims.

On April 12, the lawyers of Craig Wright made an official approach and sent a letter asking him to apologize publicly and take back what he said. The Ethereum man decided to pay no heed to it and turned a blind eye towards it. According to him, the lawyers then went ahead and filed a case against him. Buterin further added that given their failure to follow up on the lawsuit they filed against him, the case got dismissed.

Craig Wright’s Lawyer Says Otherwise

As expected, the voice from Craig Wright’s camp beg to differ and they stated that it because of Buterin the case went off as he chose to not get sued.  They went on to add that they sent an invitation to him to be involved in a UK case and provide a response and defence for his defamatory claims. However, Buterin chose to exercise his right of not responding to their letter.

The spokesperson claims that he took this call being well aware that they would not be able to bring him to the UK court by virtue of S. 9 defamation act which came into existence in 2013.

A libel case would have handed Craig Wright a big advantage as according to the law, it would have been Buterin who’d have to prove that how Wright isn’t Satoshi rather than the other way round.

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