Craig Wright Slams Binance's Policy Regarding KYC

Zain  |  Mar 5, 2020

The owner of BSV, Craig Wright, has fired a warning shot to one of the biggest crypto exchange Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao. He firmly believes that Binance is in the thick of illegal activities, and he accuses the exchange of being involved in money laundering worth around $2.1 billion. He also expects a government to get engaged in this matter soon.

He is particularly targetting Binance for its dodgy Know Your Customer (KYC) policy which allows users to use just an email and an unverified date of birth to create an account which then lets them trade 2 BTC over a 24-hour.

duration. Craig Wright claims that anyone can exploit this option and trade millions of dollars “washing” it through multiple other assets before finally taking it out.

Craig Wright, in his blog, called out Binance and labelled it as a money-laundering service” and a “criminal shadow banking facility“. To emphasize his point, he revealed that he himself tested the platform and he was able to create over a hundred accounts, and the total amount he could have to withdraw from these would have been $20,000. He drew parallels between binance and pre-bitcoin platform called Liberty Reserve, which came under scrutiny in 2013 and was shut down after seventeen countries investigated in it. Arthur Budovsky, the chief operator, was found guilty in the case of money laundering and went to jail in 2016 to serve 20 years in imprisonment.

Craig Wright Right or Binance Bashing Just a Grudge?

Binance certainly possesses a bunch of legitimate customers. Still, in the eyes of Wright, they are just fools who fall for the gimmick and help in laundering the profits of criminals and associations.

Dr.Wright and Zhao have come to blows before too, and Zhao considers him a total fraud and even removed his BSV from his platform a couple of years ago. So Craig Wright hitting back at him doesn’t come as a surprise. Craig Wright went on to add “. The exchange’s liquidity and a vast range of listed assets made it easy for criminals to move fiat currencies in and out of crypto-assets, and hide their tracks by trading amounts through various other tokens”.

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