Cryptocurrency Trading Pioneer Rena Yared Exits Goldman Sachs
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Cryptocurrency Trading Pioneer Rena Yared Exits Goldman Sachs

February 7, 2020      Richard M Adrian

Following the exit of two executives from Goldman Sachs Group, yet another top official has announced his departure. Rana Yared has played a great role in the company’s efforts towards moving into crypto space. 

A job post back in July 2019 hinted Goldman Sachs growing interest in digital assets. In fact, several of the company’s ex-employees have moved into the industry. Including Howard Surloff who became a general counsel of in October. 

Yared’s position involved serving in a team of traders, where he headed crypto allocation in the firm’s diverse portfolio funds. Yared has had approximately $2 billion of invested funds.

Yared’s Goldman Sachs Career

At the start of 2006, Yared had a significant career start with Goldman Sach; She achieved partnership status by age 34 back in 2018. Additionally, she managed at least 30 individuals in the investment department of the company. The team was mainly involved in principal strategic investment and tasked with investing Goldman Sachs capital on young technology firms. 

According to a knowledgeable source, Yared is heading to a venture capital company as a general partner. The past few days have seen the financial and investment company lose two of its top brass executives. Adam Korn and Ezra Nahum.

Last month, the chief executive of the company, David Solomon revealed that the company would not go ahead with its Initial Public Offering if it lacked a female director or one that represents diversity.

It seems that the director is trying to bring more women serving in top-level positions in the company. The financial services firm has been struggling over the past couple of years following the 2018 financial crises. Strict banking regulations have also slowed down the company’s progress. Most people believe the firm has been adrift since the exit of former CEO Lloyd Blankfein in 2018. 

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