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Guest  |  Jul 1, 2021

Casinos have been a favorite form of entertainment since it was introduced first in the 17th century. However, the deadly pandemic has highly impacted physical casino games since 2020. Nevertheless, gamblers still held on to their favorite form of entertainment through online casinos, and this is how CryptoGames grabbed the attention of gamblers around the world. Owned by a Curacao-based company known as MuchGaming B.V., licensed and entirely regulated by the Curacao government, this game has paved the path for online gamblers while meeting all the demands of an efficient online casino. It consists of extravagant games, a mesmerizing UI, flexible deposit and withdrawal options, robust security protocols, and much more!

A Glimpse into the Casino: 

The platform offers a smooth gaming experience for its users while ensuring top-notch security on the go. Nine different cryptocurrencies can be used to deposit and withdraw once the player reaches the minimum amount. The casino also supports swapping between supported coins thanks to the build in exchange available. What sets CryptoGames apart from the rest of the online casinos is the lucrative environment created by the developers. Their FAQ section consists of all the answers to a user's possible queries, making the platform extremely beginner-friendly.

All the Pros You must look out for:

An accurate, user-friendly UI:

Crypto games offer their users a framework that is quick with its digital forms of currencies and a design that is attractive and very simple to translate. The site has a glorious interface, with a stylish completing look, making everything understood and apparent, with rich designs and smooth interactivity. There are no pop-ups or irritating flags. This guarantee a quiet and centered environment for players. Not at all like other gaming destinations, CryptoGames is straightforward in light of the old-school casino. The casino has taken over the online industry by being in the hold of the fastest servers which connect to games and the upheld digital currencies, all laid under the same roof.

Easy access to all:

Adding to the pile of ease the game consists of, Crypto games have managed to build a broader world in itself that allows users to start playing in an instant without a long and tedious registration process. Just provide a username, and you are good to go! This username is saved in a cookie and can, later on, be changed into anything the player prefers; this allows the user to make an account instantly by just accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. They will have received by then access to the Play Money feature that aids users to play more comfortably and risk-free as there is no loss of actual currencies.

Play without fear: 

The online gambling platforms inclined to hackers are a platform with inadequate security, making it more straightforward for hackers to break into the destinations and take cryptographic forms of money in illicit habits. Even though unwavering speculators follow the rules and square and legitimately, numerous hackers hide around, attempting to enter these online locales brimming with things they can stamp as their objective.

The extraordinary group behind the screen persistently attempts to guarantee various successful measures to stay away from any disastrous occasions. Alongside the two-factor verification and SSL encryption and email confirmation for withdrawals, Crypto games are consistently prepared to handle any hackers' endeavors by keeping the users' subsidies very secure and isolated in a cold wallet.

Top Class User Services Provided Online:

CryptoGames has an excellent user support. Users can expect to receive help 24/7 (yes, even during weekends) whenever they need. Support can be reached out through “Live Support” provided by Zendesk or through emails ( Emails get answered within 24 hours. There will always be an agent waiting for you to handle the tickets.

Looking out for every player: 

CryptoGames has found ways to make betting more secure and agreeable to ensure the users are dealt with satisfactorily. The casino always thinks about their players as an indispensable piece of the community. There is even a "Self-Exclude" button for the players who believe they've been investing much energy in gambling; this feature helps to lock their accounts temporarily but securely until they are ready to play again. The temporary lock cannot be uplifted. CryptoGames is very strict when it comes to responsible gambling. Support can also be contacted in case users are having trouble with gambling addiction. They will be redirected to the proper organization dealing with gambling addiction.

Very Smooth Deposits and Withdrawals of Crypto Currencies: 

As stated above, CryptoGames offer users with a very flexible options when it comes to depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies. Users can deposit 9 different crypto currencies and start playing at once. Users can also convert their currencies to other currencies using the built in exchange with a very small fee. Withdrawals can be done instantly without any delays.

The 9 diverse crypto currencies you can use in Crypto games are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • DogeCoin
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Monero
  • GAS
  • Dash
  • Alongside these, players can likewise test the casino with a currency called "Play Money" that permits them to play around without the risk of losing any coins from their own balance. Users prefer using playmoney to test out strategies.

    The Minimum deposits are as per the following: 

    • 0.0001 Bitcoin,
    • 0.01 Ether,
    • 0.01 Litecoin,
    •  0.02 Ethereum Classic,
    •  20 Dogecoin,
    •  0.01 Monero,
    • 0.001 Bitcoin Cash,
    • 0.01 Dash,
    • 0.02 GAS.
    • The minimum withdrawal for any player is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

      The deposits are credited after one network confirmation for bitcoin and most other currencies. While the deposits of funds accompany conditions, withdrawal of support is relatively faster and smoother. Notwithstanding, the users should follow the two network affirmation rules to guarantee the most extreme security.

      The withdrawal charges can be modified by the users on the withdrawal page as indicated by their inclinations. Albeit the suggested measure of charges is on the higher side for a quicker exchange, users are updated about the costs at regular intervals from BitcoinFees API.

      If there should be an occurrence of any dubious movement in a users' deposit or withdrawal, the help care framework alarms the users and aids them to set up a reinforcement withdrawal address.

      Getting to know the games in-depth:

      Many old-school games have successfully shaped the digital world of Crypto casinos, offering a nostalgic atmosphere. CryptoGames has become a top choice for players from every level with its 8 interestingly created old-school casino games. These intricately designed games immediately draw in players, everything being hassle-free. When a user enters the site, the user is greeted with a simple UI that have all required elements to play the game within the screen. This way, the players can undoubtedly try every feature at once without having to navigate through various tabs. Moreover, every game has guidelines and tutorials on how to play.

      The 8 games users will discover on the site of CryptoGames are – 


       It is no doubt that when one talks about the OG of casino games, Dice is the first one that comes into mind. CryptoGames has chosen this famous game to be the first game offered on the board. In this game, the user determines the outcome of the Dice before rolling it and predicts if the result will be lower or higher than the predetermined number. The range of the Dice is set between 0.000 to 99.999. The "Auto Bet" feature in Dice allows user to place their bets automatically and implement tactics to raise their chances of wins. An additional advantage for the game comes with keyboard shortcuts that instantly make the rolling more straightforward and faster.

      The edge of this game is set at 1.0%.


      Another game that is as famous as the Dice among all gamblers is Roulette. A set of simple rules lure the players into the game where the edge is 2.7%.

      Crypto games offer the gamblers a European rendition of the game where the payout table is similar to the American version. First, players must place their bets on the tab by stacking up the chips, representing the number they think will come up before rolling the ball. Since Roulette has the same payout as Blackjack, it is easy to understand the last game after one play.


      Right after Dice and Roulette, Blackjack, also known as 21, takes the spot as one of the most engaging casino games among the gamblers. The player has to defeat the dealer in this game by securing points equal to 21 or points better than the dealer. There are options to Double Down, Surrender, and Split. Players compete against the house and are paid at 6:5. In Blackjack, the edge is at 1.25%.


      The 5 reels Slot game displays a reel-spinning continuously with an edge of 1.97%. Players' luck plays a more significant role than strategies here. A true win is declared only when a least common combination of five symbols aligns in the middle of the slot. The developers also offer a more accessible version, where players can win through a horizontal pay line. The players of this game have a 49.73% chance of winning. And its payout stands at 98.028%.


      This one is an old-school electronic game turned into a casino favorite by Crypto games. This game is offered in a crypto version where the rules are unchanged from the original version with an edge of 1.0%. Players must earn their reward by finishing the game without hitting a mine. The amount of profit is proportional to the number of boxes clicked and the level of difficulty. The most challenging level contains 24 mines in a field, leaving only one box to click.


      This game has a minimum bet amount of 10 credits and an edge of 1.72%. Although it is a rare game to be played in an online casino, the curiosity it raises is no less than that of the other games on display. Here, users have to select a colored ball from four different options, which then will be dropped from the top of a pyramid-shaped board. The excitement starts to build up as the ball declines while colliding with the pegs on the board. Before the ball is allowed to drop, the gambler is asked to place the bet and declare the amount. Once the ball reaches an empty slot, the payout can be determined according to the amount space holds. The payout rules are just as simple as the game rules. Each place has different payout values, which can result in a 1100 times payout win to a 0.4 times return.

      Video Poker:

      With an edge of 2.09%, Video poker is one of the most lucrative, simplest games for novice gamblers. It offers the players a large amount of possibility to win every time. In Crypto games, one will find the three famous Jacks or Better video poker, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better poker as variants of this category. Even though the idea alone sounds impossible, players find that the odds of winning a royal flush are 1:649,740, meaning, if a user hits a royal flush, he or she can take home a profit of a staggering amount of 3 BTC from one single bitcoin bet.


      Out of the 8 simplistic games designed for the platform, Lotto is a game that favors pure luck only, and it keeps the player on edge till the end. Users who wishes to participate in the lotto game can get their tickets from the "Buy Tickets" tab, which also shows some other statistics about the casino. You can also see how many tickets each player has bought along with the win chances of every user. You can also see when the lotto draw will take place. CryptoGames hosts two bitcoin lotto draws and one altcoin lotto per week. The total purchased ticket makes up the pot which is then divided among the lucky winners.

      Transparency to let you Win fair and square: 

      It will not come off as a surprise if any user expresses concern regarding the fairness of online casinos since many platforms cheat against their players. Gladly, CryptoGames is a provably fair casino where hashes and seeds are used. Those hashes and seeds can be used to verify every bets you have placed in the casino. To ensure unbiased results for every player on the site, the lotteries are drawn by a third-party website called "RandomPicker". On top of that, all data are publicly visible, which means you can also verify other users bet or see the data of the lottery draws.

      Win more with Jackpots on Dice and Roulette:

      Apart from having the lowest house edge in the industry, CryptoGames is known widely for hosting events of progressive jackpots on Dice and Roulette. Those who are willing to participate needs to meet the necessary criteria to win from a range of 1% to 100% of the jackpot. The payout will be depending on the amount that one has placed as a bet. This means the chances of winning higher percentage from the jackpot increases if the player places higher bet amount. For every win amount above 0.004 BTC, 2 DASH, 40,000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 XMR, 0.4 BCH, 4 LTC, 60 GAS, 12 ETC or 24,250,000 PlayMoney, players have opportunity to win 100% of the jackpot amount. Right now bitcoin jackpot is standing at 3.7 BTC! Altcoins have their own jacpots.

      Free Coins to Test Out the Casino:

      In the industry of online casinos, it is already hard to find a safe environment that will offer every single user the same guidance. So, when CryptoGames introduced their features like Faucet, Rain, and Live chatbox, the online casino escalated into a fully reliable source of entertainment for many within a short period. Here players can take part in games for free by using the built-in faucet, which provides them with coins. The faucet system is designed to allow players to test out a variety of games without risk.  Only new players start at level 0, but they can earn levels by betting, referring friends, chatting with someone, and staying active for a certain amount of time. By completing these tasks, users will keep on reaching higher level allowing them to claim more faucet and up to 5,000 Satoshi.

      To make your wagering adventures more interesting, users can chat with other gamblers and flex their winnings. They can also tip users with coins or lottery tickets. The chatbox is can also be used to ask for help from moderators if they face any problem. Though the live support is more preferred as experts can handle your cases better.

      The chat box also has a Rain feature that “rains” coin to the users that has been active on the chat. Users can use those coins to gamble and win. The Rainbot gives out coins after certain intervals with users receiving random amount depending on their activity throughout their stay.

      Special occasions and Events Hosted by Crypto games: 

      Crypto games give out vast loads of rewards to players who partake in special occasions. There is an event each Monday called "No Bet Speed Limit", which removes are speed restrictions from the bet placed allowing users to place multiple bets within a second. Other special events such as Christmas or Easter festivals are celebrated where the players get free coins through email and chatbox. These occasions are announced on the website notification bar or through their official social media accounts. So don’t forget to follow them on twitter and facebook.

      So, is it worth all the hype? 

      From the best user-friendly UI to a safe and smooth transaction system with the guarantee of a secured information system; CryptoGames has everything a user can expect to experience in an online gambling platform. CryptoGames will go beyond the sky ensure user security and satisfaction. Once you can take an interest in their games, they ensure that you can win massive games while keeping an eye out for your well-being. Hence if anyone wants to try out their beginner's luck at gambling, CryptoGames is the place to be at. Since it has got the fundamental highlights of a world-class casino, we would recommend playing here. So join today.

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