Cryptowatch Partners Totle to Unify Digital Currency and Decentralized Finance

Ibiam Wayas by Ibiam Wayas - 02:27 PM Oct 22, 2019

Previously, digital currency exchanges and decentralized financial markets have all operated alongside each other with little overlap. However, two firms have teamed up to set a new record on that.

According to a press release today, popular charting and trading terminal for crypto markets, Cryptowatch is seeking to access rich decentralized exchange data through a partnership with Totle.

Totle considered the most convenient ERC-20 token trading platform when aggregating the liquidity of the top decentralized exchanges.

The partnership aims at allowing users to execute digital currency trading strategies on both the centralized exchanges and the decentralized financial applications, directly from a single platform. 

As noted, the collaboration is just the first step to unifying the two sides of a separated market, which, of course, ensures the success of the decentralized finance and cryptocurrency space as a whole.

According to a Spokesperson from AirSwap, Totle's decentralized exchange partner, Maxime Bucaille "Bringing together the centralized and decentralized market is a logical next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency," adding that "By working together, we can create a liquidity-rich ecosystem that benefits both sides of the market."

Digital Currency and Decentralized Market

The Kraken exchange-owned Cryptowatch is integrated with several popular digital currency exchanges to deliver a holistic view of the cryptocurrency market the users. 

Offering users a view of the market supposedly allows them to view macro-level trends, conduct a robust analysis of the market, as well as to know the best conditions to execute trades.

"By selecting Totle to query pricing on Cryptowatch, users will now be able to assess the performance of top ERC-20s at decentralized exchange venues – and therefore gain an even broader awareness of the market," the report reads. 

Totle will provide pricing information by aggregating top decentralized exchanges, including Kyber, AirSwap, Bancor, UniSwap, 0x Mesh, and other leading liquidity sources, while Cryptowatch pulls the information, to display real-time on-chain trade data for best ERC-20 pairs from DEXs.

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