Danny Scott Tweeted About the First Company That Ruled Out BTC

Zain  |  May 9, 2020

Danny Scott, the CEO of CoinCorner has tweeted a blast from the past.  It talks about the first company that raised a question mark on bitcoin back in 2010. As the king coin braces itself for its third halving event, the company which actually predicted its demise a decade ago no longer exists.

The first website to declare Bitcoin dead from 2010 no longer exists ??‍♂️

Don't dismiss the honey badger pic.twitter.com/emXHKWYs1A

Unreal hate and lack of faith have been thrown in the way of bitcoin and no matter how many times bitcoin rises from the ruins or achieve a new landmark, the naysayers remain sceptical. As the cryptocurrency is on the brink of crossing the $10,000 mark, Danny Scott has hit back at critics for not even given bitcoin a chance before drawing their conclusion.

While Bitcoin started out at $0, you'd think the modest approach would be appreciated rather than ridicule for something so meek.  Very soon bitcoin was started to get labelled as a scam, a facade a  robbery. While a few of those critics have had a change of opinion by now some still continue to play it down. A piece from Bitcoin Obituary page states that in total Bitcoin has been called dead 380 which started on December 15, 2010, by a firm called Underground Economist. Bitcoin was just reading at $0.23 dollar when the article came out claiming why it would never survive as a currency.

In their defence, the article wasn't as ridiculous as some of the claims a few modern-day naysayers make. The article claimed that bitcoin would be utilized more as a safe haven rather than a form of payment. While this has been the case, the prediction that due to this the price won't grow was well off the mark.

Danny Scott Tweet a Good Reminder

The tweet gives a pleasant reminder to the bitcoin community about how far they've come against all odds and even when the chips go down they should stick around and not let their faith fade in the formidable cryptocurrency.

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