Ethereum Traders Transfers 1.2M ETH as Price Increases

Vandana  |  Apr 25, 2020

Ethereum which is the second biggest cryptocurrency has increased by approximately 3.3% in just a day. It is currently trading at $194.69 which is quite impressive. It has been seen that due to this increased price several big Ethereum traders or you can say crypto whales have transferred 1.2 million ETH. This transfer of ETH worth $241,774,447 has been done between different anonymous wallets. Due to this sudden increase, several traders are aiming that the price of ETH might go above $200 very soon.

Ethereum traders expects ETH price to reach $200-220

As it was a sudden increase in the price of Ethereum, various Ethereum traders are now putting forward their views regarding this. According to one trader, ETH price will continue to rise with two targets. The first target will be $200,which is to be achieved in this month only, i.e. April. Another target will be $220, which will be achieved in May, which is the next month.

However, there is one trader named ‘Posty’ who is both bullish and bearish for Ethereum at the same time. It is quite interesting to see how the different traders are responding to the recent rise in Ethereum price. The reaction doesn’t stop here as trader Cole Kennelly has said that in 2020, it is quite clear that Ethereum has gained more profit as compared to Bitcoin.

Crypto whales moved ETH for a tiny fee

The Whale Alerts that several crypto whales have transferred around 1.2 million Ethereum. These ETH transfers consist of a huge amount, i.e. $241,774,447.

This amount was broken down in nine different transactions between different anonymous wallets. The most surprising thing with these transfers is that they have been done at a very small fee which was less than $1. However such huge transactions would have costed way more than this for just one transaction.

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