Every Solana TX Uses Reduced Energy than 2 Google Searches as Declared by a Report

Gitumani  |  Nov 26, 2021

A report by the Solana Foundation showcased that a transaction on the Solana digital ledger utilizes 24 times less energy than that required for charging a phone or,  2 Google searches.

Solana TX's Report Compares Energy Utilization with Google Searches

The report also stated, "0.00051 kWh, or 1,836 Joules, of energy, is required for a single transaction on its network." And Google states that an average search draws 0.0003 kWh or 1,080 Joules of energy.

Probably more shockingly, the report declares, "Solana network on a whole, uses around 3,186,000 kWh annually. This is equal to the average electricity usage of 986 American proprietors."

Solana Foundation signed a contract with Robert Murphy – the founder of Othersphere in May 2021. According to the contract Robert had to write the report for "framing the environmental impact" of transactions on the Solana network.

In Comparison to Crypto-Assets

The Solana network when compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum is less decentralized. Because Solana has only 1,196 validator nodes processing approximately 20 million transactions annually. The report affirms a further reduction in the network's energy usage by the Foundation. The reduction will be implemented by a program at the end of 2021 promoting carbon-neutral.

Solana network depends on a Proof of Stake unity mechanism so the network is quite less energy-exhaustive as compared to the Proof of Work mining method like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

Highlighting the Statista estimations, "A single BTC transaction utilizes around 4,222,800,000 joules." Statista also states, "The energy depletion required for one ETH transaction is equivalent to more than several thousands of VISA card transactions."

Anyways, Eth2 is assumed to use an average of 99% less energy as compared to the current mainnet.

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