FarmVille Game Creator Developing a Blockchain Gaming Platform

Vandana  |  Mar 12, 2020

Eric Schiermeyer, the developer of Facebook game FarmVille who is also the founder and CEO of Blockchain Game Partners is planning to move to the blockchain gaming industry.

Blockchain Game Partners announced that they are building a gaming platform completely based on Blockchain dubbed Gala network.

There are a total of fifteen game developers who are working to build up Gala. Here the developers can be fully creative as the players would be able to create and own their content like in-game items which will be portrayed as non-fungible tokens. The in-game items could be used across different games which have been built upon the Gala network.

Blockchain to give full ownership of time and money

While talking to Venturebeat, Schiermeyer has said that the gaming based on the blockchain is going to give "a revolutionary experience for people" as players will have complete ownership over the in-game items. He also said that very soon, the players are going to prefer the kind of games where they will have complete ownership of their time and money.

Through this, real people would also be able to capture some value as there will be the industry-wide disruption by the blockchain which will give rise to the wealth transfer.

Townstar to be the first launch on Gala

Townstar will be the first game to launch on Gala which will be developed by Blockchain Game Partners and Sandbox Games.

The former creative director of FarmVille 2 that is Mike McCarthy is also among the developers who are working on Townstar.

There will be a lot of amazing features of Townstar like pseudo-mining, in-game purchases like ‘loot boxes’ which will be needed to build up the ‘farm bot’. The players will be able to do purchases through the in-game tokenized currency which will be of a fixed price. All the games which will be launching on Gala in will support these tokens.

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