FBI Warns Against the Constant Increment of Cryptocurrency ATM scams

Gitumani  |  Nov 8, 2021

The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI provided us with various tips on how to negate the abet of the scammer using Cryptocurrency ATM and QR codes and their modus Operandi.

Use Cryptocurrency ATM with Utmost Attention

Machine scannable images, QR codes, can be easily accessed by any Smartphone’s camera. This code is generally used at Cryptocurrency ATMs to transfer payments. The scammers use these opportunities to manipulate the people by creating a plausible explanation for their money transfer using their QR code.

These scammers play a dirty trick by convincing the victim that they are linked with the government such as a legal officer, law enforcement, or someone in a higher position in the big company.

If the first attempt does not result in success then these fraudsters employ creating a relationship with the victim. They provide lucrative offers such as online dating schemes, huge amounts in a lottery, and many inevitable offers. So it is a gentle reminder that a person should always be very attentive about using the Cryptocurrency ATM.

Some Preventive Measures Discussed by the FBI 

At first, one should never reveal any of his payment details to any person to whom he has an ounce of doubt. The scammer is well equipped to establish good relations within an interim period. You should never scan their QR code and transfer funds to them via Cryptocurrency ATM.

Any types of anonymous phone calls that claim that they are governmental officers are greatly discouraged. They will use either a profitable offer or fear factor to extracting money from you. Think twice before responding to any advertisement that evolves Cryptocurrency ATM or QR code for money transfer. 

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