FISCO BCOS Reports Blockchain-Based Health Records Resumed Tourism to Macau

Vandana  |  Oct 21, 2020

FISCO BCOS, a non-profit blockchain consortium based in China has recently reported that blockchain-based health records have helped a lot in restoring tourism. According to the report, these records have helped the country to resume mainland tourism to Macau which was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The process was started in May and the health system allows the Chinese tourists to verify their health status. The health status is verified using a blockchain-powered system. It is reported that to date, there are more than 17 million tourists who have travelled using Macau’s blockchain health code

Health System Encrypts Medical Data to FISCO BCOS

It is claimed that the whole process of generating a health code for the first time takes 100 seconds only. Once it is done, it will hardly take 3 seconds for all the future verification which means the system is quick and easy. The health system encrypts the medical data to the FISCO BCOS consortium. The Weldentity solution of WeChat is used to transfer the data. The travel from mainland China was suspended back in January 2020 due to the pandemic.

Blockchain-Powered Reward Programs to Boost Tourism

The blockchain-powered digital health passport was developed by SGInnovate and Accredify. Both firms are based in Singapore. In September 2020, it was also reported that this project has been used to verify coronavirus discharge records. China is looking out for different measures to boost up the tourism of the country to resume the economy, which is shattered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chinese province of Hainan is now planning to introduce a rewards program based on blockchain to boost tourism to Macau. This also indicates that the Chinese government is adopting blockchain technology very impressively.

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