Former CEO of Bakkt Kelly Loeffler Position as Senator Under Threat

Zain  |  May 3, 2020

Former CEO of Bakkt and the current Us Senator Kelly Loeffler is facing the heat and needs a massive turn around if she is to save her seat come November.

The support for the senator has reduced remarkably over the past few weeks according to an internal poll conducted by Cygnal the polling firm.  The poll results don't make for good reading as only 20% approved Loeffler, while 47% gave her a thumbs down.

She has been accused of insider trading and is facing immense scrutiny lately. It all stems from January when just before Covid-19 came knocking on the US door, she sold a huge chunk of her supply before the market evaporated. To add more to her misery, she's accused of investing in a face masks company which is a really profitable business in current times. 

A turnaround is needed for Kelly Loeffler as according to reports, she has been able to convince only 11% while his competitor Doug Collins has 29% voters backing him up. The other candidates are also in the mix and are a challenge to Loeffler as she is quite low in the voting department for now.

She has openly come out to deny the accusations and stated that they were done on her behalf and she had no clue about it. It was only after weeks that she discovered what has happened.

Could go From Bad to Worse For Kelly Loeffler

It could get even worse for her on a personal level as Bakkt the company where she was the former CEO is coming up with a wallet to store crypto, and in-game currency.  The firm doesn't seem to miss her much and also raised $300 billion in Series B funding round. If all goes as planned for Bakkt as it is right now, and Kelly Loeffler stops being at the helm come November, she could very well live to regret her decision of quitting Bakkt.

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