French City Tries Blockchain Votes on a Road Planning Project
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French City Tries Blockchain Votes on a Road Planning Project

October 6, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

After several decades of planning and administration, France’s Yvelines region decides to try out blockchain voting within its own administerial plans. Local inhabitants of Verneuil-sur-Seine, in Yvelines, France uses the Tezos blockchain platform to vote on a 60-year-long road project.

The voting lines are open between October 1 and October 8, 2020.

Verneuil-sur-Seine’s official website highlights that its communes and nearby towns of Vernouillet and Chapet can now vote through the Yvelinoise-based startup Avosvotes powered by Tezos blockchain.

The local road project, RD 154, will cross communes between Vernouillet and Verneuil-sur-Seine. Locals residing between Orgeval to Les Mureaux near the Seine River can also vote for/against the project.

As of the publication time, residents of the commune have cast 476 votes, with a total population of 16,000.

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Tracking Voting Participation In Real-Time

Reportedly, the blockchain voting app can verify the identities of its residents while providing voting proofs as certificates on top of Tezos. Those interested can also track real-time voting participation.

Avosvotes CEO Florian Ribière adds:

“In Verneuil-sur-Seine, the decentralized and secure voting evidence on the blockchain resulting from French researchers at Tezos will make it possible to guarantee the sincerity of the ballot. The vote will thus be 100% secure and each voter will be able to check that their vote has been taken into account during the digital count.”

Illegitimate voting participation such as frauds, or poor voter turnouts has been a quite a hamper for the effective implementation of voting and democracy. Blockchain voting represents a wonderful example of how DLT solutions can remedy this.

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However, one cannot completely say blockchain-votes are a complete success. In a 2017 blockchain voting election in Italy, the whole event cost even more time and resources to release the results.

However, in August 2020, organizers at the Michigan Democratic Party State Nominating Convention reportedly deployed blockchain voting platform Voatz successfully amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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