Ghost Coin Partners With ivendPay as Vending Machines Payment Option
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Ghost Coin Partners With ivendPay as Vending Machines Payment Option

June 29, 2020      Vandana Malik

Ghost Coin, a privacy coin by John McAfee has recently partnered with ivenPay in order to act as a vending machine payment option in Hong Kong. It has been recently announced on Twitter that both the firms will be deploying around 60 vending machines including Disneyland and many other parts across Hong Kong.

Ghost was focused on real user adoption

Along with announcing the new partnership with ivendPay, there were several other revelations that Ghost made. It has been specified that Ghost was not only focused on privacy as another major focus of the firm was towards the real user adoption. It has been seen that this privacy coin and its distributed exchange went live during the time when it was surrounded around different controversies which were related to its white paper. This launch of Ghost’s distributed exchange has now replaced the distributed exchange of McAfeeDEX which was still in process.

McAfee admits plagiarism involved in white paper

Back in the previous month, the privacy-focused coin by McAfee was surrounded by some controversies. It was reported that the major tension occurred when people started noticing that the white paper of his privacy coin is copy-pasted. It was said that this white paper was copied from PIVX’s white paper which is an open-source protocol. Following all the controversies, McAfee has admitted that there was a sort of plagiarism involved in the white paper of Ghost coin.

However, even after admitting, he made sure to defame PIVX and said that he will be suing this open-source protocol. On the other hand, PIVX seems to remain unaffected by this as they are also planning to launch a privacy protocol. It has been revealed that the firm will be launching its privacy protocol based on zk-SNARKS from Zcash by the end of this year.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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