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Guest  |  Apr 14, 2021

Anyone who hasn't heard of cryptocurrency in the last few years must have been living under a rock. This blockchain-based digital currency has come a long way since its inception and is now a global phenomenon. Thanks to perpetual research and incredible technology, cryptocurrencies have become some of the most valuable financial assets. For this reason, it's not surprising to see many people jumping onto the crypto-trading bandwagon. Even so, there are plenty of elements involved in cryptocurrency exchange; thus, for you to be successful at it, you'll need to get up to speed. Perhaps one of the most significant primary elements you need to familiarize yourself with is using trading terminals.

In simple terms, crypto trading terminals are separate online platforms or desktop and mobile applications that provide broad trading functionality. Crypto trading terminals allow traders to do a lot more than just exchange cryptocurrencies. What's more, users can also integrate these terminals into any exchange. Given that a terminal can also be available as a crypto trading app, traders can control all their cryptos from the palm of their hands. Nevertheless, it's important to note that crypto trading terminals are relatively new. Therefore, you must select the best option to ensure success in your trading.


When discussing proficient crypto trading terminals, it would be an atrocity, not to mention GoodCrypto. The latter is a state-of-the-art mobile trading terminal committed to bringing you the best trading experience possible. Perhaps what propels GoodCrypto far beyond its competitors, besides integration with all your favorite exchanges, is the incredible team behind it. The architects that keep this terminal running are a team of dedicated software developers, consisting of both veterans and skilled prodigies. With such a diverse perspective, GoodCrypto can provide a premium cryptocurrency managing experience. For those who may still be on the fence about this terminal, here are other reasons why using GoodCrypto is the best option for you.


Unlimited Trading Possibilities

GoodCrypto is integrated with many popular cryptocurrency exchanges, giving you access to a wide range of markets. One of the most significant hurdles when trading in cryptocurrencies is the inconsistency in the various trading platforms. This variance makes many exchanges niche and suitable to a particular group of traders. GoodCrypto eliminates this by providing you with access to all your favorite cryptocurrency exchanges.


Advanced Portfolio Management

One of the main things to look out for when picking a crypto trading terminal is the amount of functionality it will provide. GoodCrypto offers its users a wide range of portfolio managing features. You can get access to several exchanges and wallets, order execution alerts, receive incoming transactions, and import orders and positions. With all these functionalities and a lot more, you can easily manage your crypto portfolio with ease.


Top-Notch Security

Another vital element to look for in a crypto trading terminal is the amount of security provided. Fortunately, GoodCrypto uses industrial-grade security encryption to keep your API key and personal data safe. Also, all connections are encrypted and secured behind a firewall. If that's not all, GoodCrypto conducts regular external audits to test the bounds of its security features.


Unified Trading Orders

Despite the exchange you trade on, it's highly likely that you use the same set of trading orders on all of them. Whether this is the case or you're more of an experimental trader, GoodCrypto goes a long way in helping you keep control of your positions.


Wrapping Up

The number of benefits that come from using GoodCrypto is virtually countless. The intuitive platform provides an excellent user interface and extensive functionality, making it your best bet if you want to be a successful crypto trader.


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