Google Search for NFTs Reaches New All-Time Highs

Jafrin  |  Nov 16, 2021

The growth of non-fungible tokens continues to rise as data shows Google search results for NFTs have reached new all-time high levels. Currently, Asia-Pacific is leading the world in terms of NFT queries as data shows search traffic is currently dominated by Asian nations such as China, Uganda, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Google Searches for NFTs Surges to Record Highs

Google searches related to NFT keywords have continued to surge, doubling over the past three months. For instance, search results for NFT-related keywords have even overtaken that of the popular crypto-related keywords such as “DeFi”, “Ethereum” and even “Blockchain”.

After reaching a record peak of “NFT” queries on the world’s largest search engine back in March, interest among retailers started to accelerate again in late August and early September with new records. Following a brief decline, the searches started to accelerate again back in October to reach a new all-time high today.

Interestingly, retailers did not just want to study non-fungible tokens, but also on how to buy them with queries for “Buy NFTs” too seeing similar peaks in search results.

While the internet’s favorite Dogecoin had long dominated among retailer’s minds in the second quarter as search volume related to the canine-themed digital asset overtook that of the OG crypto coin Bitcoin in early May, the interest started to slowly fade off in the third quarterback to being channeled at NFT.

NFT Marketplaces Rages On

NFT marketplaces OpenSea has been one of the main reasons for the growth of the entire sector quite distinctively. For instance, the platform's total trading volume during last year was just 21 million, with the metric skyrocketing to $1 billion in April this year to reaching $10 billion in November.

In comparison with other major platforms, OpenSea is way ahead in terms of the trading volume. Ethereum-based platforms Rarible and SuperRare have volumes of just $263.97 million and $177.95 million, respectively. However, as the average price per sale on Rarible and SuperRare is much higher than on OpenSea, this indicates that the latter two platforms are more popular for higher-ticket sale items.

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