Guavapay Joins RippleNet and Collaborating With its Banking Partner

Vandana  |  Oct 5, 2020

Guavapay, a payment processing firm, based in the UK has recently joined RippleNet. The firm is having an e-Money license which has been granted by the local regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has been noticed that the firm has already started collaborating with its partners. It is working with the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), which is the largest commercial bank in Thailand and the biggest banking partner of the firm in the country. 

Guavapay Took This Step For Faster and Cheaper Cross-Border Payments

According to Guavapay, they have joined RippleNet for faster and cheaper cross-border payments. The firm is already offering assistance in making digital payments to its clients from around a hundred countries to access the world and more than thirty currencies. The firm also offers the feature of online tracking using a web-based client portal. 

Guavapay is extremely excited to join RippleNet and is looking forward to a global payments network that offers faster and lower cost payments. They are also hoping to expand their network with the help of this partnership and bringing both speed and transparency to the industry. The firm is currently focusing on the domestic payments system of the countries which are there in its network. 

Wiring Funds From UK to Thailand

As Guavapay has formed a partnership with SCB, it can create a channel to wire funds from the UK to Thailand. With this partnership, the customers are going to have speed as well as convenience. This also offers an affordable solution to the customers to complete the bank account payments. The firm is also looking to add more partners by joining RippleNet. The major goal of the firm is to provide the best service to its clients and is aiming to do so with the help of this partnership with RippleNet.

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