HashCash Consultants to Launch Real Estate Dedicated Crypto Exchange

Vandana  |  Oct 15, 2020

HashCash, a blockchain development firm, has recently announced the launch of the latest crypto exchange that will be dedicated to the real estate world. The blockchain development firm aims to boost up the largest asset class through the launch of crypto exchange.

HashCash has revealed that this real estate-focused exchange will simply help to improve the processes which are associated with purchasing such assets. There will be complete transparency, efficiency, security, and accessibility on this exchange. 

Singapore-Based Real Estate Firm's Partnership With HashCash

By the starting of October 2020, it was revealed that HashCash is working along with a Singaporean real estate firm. This real estate-focused crypto exchange seems to be an outcome of this partnership. As per the release, this platform will help to eliminate the need for an intermediary. Along with this, it will also focus on lowering the barrier of entry for investors which will ultimately improve the global accessibility of the platform. 

For quite some time, real estate tokenization is holding a strong internet in the crypto space. This tokenization seems to be quite popular in Europe as several projects have been launched across the continent. This real estate-based crypto exchange will help the investors to buy property at affordable prices quickly and conveniently just like any regular shopping. Moreover, investors will also be able to earn revenue from their purchases of real properties. 

First Real-Estate Sale on Ethereum Blockchain Took Place in France

This is not the first real-estate crypto project. In 2019, France has experienced its first real-estate sale on ETH blockchain. This seems to be carrying forward a trend as people are moving towards digitization and prefer the most convenient way possible. This crypto exchange by HashCash is going to be a milestone in this space where real-estate is integrating with the crypto space.

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