Himino To be Appointed as Japan’s Next FSA Commissioner

Vandana  |  Jul 8, 2020

The Japanese government is all set to appoint Ryozo Himino as the next commissioner of Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA). Himino has earlier served as an International Financial Deputy Counsellor and is very well known among people internationally. It has been revealed that this new commissioner of FSA is a crypto enthusiast. It has been revealed that the official announcement regarding this appointment will be made this month only.

Back in September 2019, he was also appointed as the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Financial Stability Board, FSB. With this appointment, he has become the first Japanese to become chairman of this standing committee.

Himino is quite sympathetic to the crypto industry

Along with this news, it has also been revealed that Himino is a crypto-friendly person and is quite sympathetic towards it. Last year, during a seminar at the G20 meeting, he played quite an important role in inviting Blockstream’s Adam Back. The major purpose behind this was to make people aware of the potential that blockchain technology has. Along with this, different stakeholders also got a great opportunity to gather at the G20 summit. It has been seen that during that time, Adam Back was identified as the one who is willing to change the world through cryptography. He was named as a “legendary cypherpunk”.

Current FSA head is also crypto-friendly

It is not only that Himino is going to be the first FSA head who is crypto-friendly. As Toshihide Endo, current FSA head is also quite a big supporter of cryptocurrency and this has been seen many times. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek has also said earlier that FSA seems to be a quite big supporter of Bitcoin and Lightning Network. However, it has been seen that after the two recent crypto laws, FSA seems to get more strict towards the crypto industry. It has also cut down the leverage cap for the crypto margin trading.

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