Hodlonaut Explains Crucial Role of Bitcoin Memes in Changing World
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Hodlonaut Explains Crucial Role of Bitcoin Memes in Changing World

May 23, 2020      Vandana Malik

These days everybody has access to the internet and various tools to create content and memes are emerging as a major one among all. Recently, a lot of memes have been made on cryptocurrencies as well and majorly Bitcoin. This has also been accepted by one major crypto influencer on Twitter named Hodlonaut in his recent tweet. He has mentioned that Bitcoin memes will play a very crucial role in the future in changing the world. He also talked about Bitcoin memes and how memes play a very important role in online life.

Hodlonaut started a campaign against Craig Wright

Hodlanaut is well known for the campaign which he started on Twitter against Craig Wright who is also claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it has been revealed that Hodlonaut has never met Craig Wright in the court. He also launched a hashtag, #faketoshi for which he was sued by Wright. It has been quite some time when Wright sued several influencers and now people barely remember that incident and it does not hold any credibility anymore.

Twitter users agree to Bitcoin memes tweet

As Hodlonaut has mentioned about memes war in his tweet, he has also said that the twitter community of Bitcoin will be coming up with various memes in future. He believes that memes are quite powerful and they can play a major role in changing the mindset of the world out there. According to him, memes are a compressed idea and anybody can decompress it easily.

Other Twitter users agree with what Hodlonaut has said and supported him for carrying forward this narrative. One has portrayed memes as ideas rather than being just a template image. In this tweets thread, some prominent ones also took part. Eric Lombozo, CEO of Ciphrex has said that it has been made official that memes are now more valuable than money.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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