Hoppy Meme Making the World a Better Place, One Hoppy at a Time

Evan  |  Jun 11, 2021, 7:30 am
Hoppy Meme Making the World a Better Place, One Hoppy at a Time

Hoppy is a Cryptocurrency project that is looking at taking advantage of the meme-coin frenzy to become the most influential sustainability-driven community in the Blockchain space. The project also aims to help improve and build a better and greener environment now and in the future. The Hoppy project wants to build meaningful awareness and make impactful actions that will contribute towards the 2030 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

The meme coin is hoping to capitalize on the surge in demand for meme-based cryptocurrencies. With the recent success of Dogecoin, a meme coin with the image of the Japanese breed of Dog (the Shiba Inu), a lot of other cryptocurrencies have crept up following the trend of embodying memes like the Shiba Inu and many of them have been relatively successful.

Since the boom of cryptocurrencies in the last year, a lot has been said about the amount of energy consumed in mining these coins. The most recent and major one being the announcement by one of the world’s richest men Elon Musk. Musk in a controversial tweet announced that his company Tesla would stop receiving Bitcoin as a means of payment for their products. He cited the huge energy consumption as the reason for that measure.

This announcement plunged the market into a free fall and about $800m was lost in the panic to sell off Bitcoin. Scenarios like this are what Hoppy is looking at forestalling. To serve and contribute towards the campaigns and projects that are meant to help take care of the worries the concern of cryptocurrency energy consumption brings. Hoppy is aiming to give back to society while giving the world a greener and sustainable future.

Memes have seen their use grow from just being a tool to entertain and make people laugh to an actual means of communication and messaging that a lot of people can relate with, to now being something that gets monetary value placed on it and people are able to earn revenue with them. While it's absolutely amazing and sometimes ludicrous, it's exactly what the world needs at this moment. Something light-hearted to bring smiles to the faces of people, while also earning them money they can change their lives with at the same time.

Hoppy is looking to establish a better, greener future and it's just amazing and impressive how fast the progress has been.

A community of meme lovers and enthusiasts is being built and Hoppy is looking at giving them the opportunity of being part of a community that can boast of being among the people that are building a better future for the world and indeed how the rest of Cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain will be viewed.

The Hoppy project is built on the Binance Smart Chain and users can now purchase the Hoppy meme coin on the Decentralized Exchange, PancakeSwap. People looking to get some Hoppy coins ($HOP) for themselves can also participate in the Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) that's facilitated by Oxbull.tech.

Oxbull is a Startup Incubator and Launchpad that was developed by enthusiasts in the Blockchain space. Focused on the DeFi, NFT, Deep Tech and General ecosystems, the platform aims to connect credible and quality blockchain projects with investors. This brilliant platform will be organizing the Hoppy's IDO.

Donations and Games

The Hoppy platform will be working to contribute and facilitate donations to projects that are in the fight to build a sustainable future. There will also be donations on the platform to Jump-start organizations by providing fundraising support and assistance to startups or university students that are driving green initiatives for a sustainable future. Foundations and charitable organizations that are championing projects that improve the environment will also receive direct donations from Hoppy.

Wondering how Hoppy aims to get all these funds it will be giving out to these charities and organizations?

Hoppy has a well-spelled-out revenue model. The team aims to bring in revenue through running well-targeted ads to people who will be more than willing to hop in. There will be constant marketing and this will increase the reach of Hoppy and get a lot of people to pay attention. There will also be in-app purchases where users get to pay for subscriptions on apps on the Hoppy platform. Hoppy will also generate revenue through yield generation from trading and staking, and finally, there will be a focus on consulting for incubators in the sustainability segment. 

The 'Give Hoppy a Green Home' games are built to improve the feel of eventfulness and enjoyment on the platform and to further support the drive for a greener future. The games are designed to teach and show users the values of living in an environmentally friendly manner while also letting them have fun at the same time.

These initiatives will further increase the feeling of belonging and users of the platform will feel and become integral parts of the push for a better future.


For every transaction on the Hoppy platform, a 5% tax will be deducted and this will be pushed into three important aspects of the Hoppy ecosystem.

  • Donations
  • Liquidity
  • Holders
  • 1% of the tax deducted will be donated to charities that support green initiatives. 2% of the tax will be added to Hoppy's liquidity pool while the remaining 2% will be distributed to all holders of the native Hoppy currency, $HOP.

    The total supply of $HOPs in existence is 100,000,000,000,000 and while 36% of these has already been kept aside for the OxBull pre-sale, 10% of the total circulating supply makes for the Liquidity, 10% goes to marketing the project, 24% of the supply is to be in the ecosystem, another 10% for partnerships and advisory, 5% for daily operations and development and finally 5% of the supply for the team behind Hoppy.


    This is a project that looks to be well planned and has a great use case. It will only be normal if this shoots straight to the moon by the end of Q4 of 2021 in Hoppy's road map plan.