How to Earn USDC with a Savings Account

Guest  |  Jun 25, 2021

USD Coin is a stablecoin with a value that is equivalent to the United States dollar. It is operated on the Ethereum blockchain as well as others such as Solana and Stellar. The purpose of stablecoins is to provide a cryptocurrency investment that maintains its stability at all times. No wonder, most investors want to buy them as a safe way to store cryptocurrency for trading in the future. However, instead of holding the coins somewhere in a private digital wallet, you can invest in a savings account to earn USDC.

Sounds interesting, right? If this is something you would like to try, we will tell you how to earn USD Coin through a reliable platform that offers up to 10% APR or more.

How to Find a Good Platform to Earn USDC

With cryptocurrency savings accounts becoming popular, many platforms are coming up to offer interest on various digital coins including USDC. Finding a good platform can be quite a challenge if you are a rookie in cryptocurrency, but with the information shared below, you will know how to earn USD Coin.

  •       Check the reputation – What is the crypto savings platform known for? Peruse the web, particularly review websites and social media, to learn more about the most talked about platforms. If a particular platform has a good reputation, there are high chances you will have a great experience.
  •       Security – A platform without modern crypto security is a time bomb even if it promises you to earn USDC. Ensure there is enough security, which you can verify by looking at the website and customer reviews.
  •       Interest rates – Since the goal is to earn on USDC, you need a platform with the highest annual percentage rates (APR). You should understand this clearly before making the next moves.
  • Opening a Savings Account to Earn USDC

    You can only earn interest on USDC when you open an account with your preferred platform. The procedure is always available on the website and involves clicking through some steps. For instance, YouHodler allows you to earn USDC once you have opened an account on their website and transferred the coins you want to save.

    Although the interest rate is given in APR, many platforms give you full control of your USDC, which means you can withdraw or add as you wish. Most importantly, the earnings on this passive venture start immediately. So, what are you waiting for? Start to earn USDC with a savings account from a reliable platform today.

    Get Paid Regularly

    When you start to earn USDC, the payments are made regularly like weekly or monthly. Different platforms have varying terms, and it is up to you to choose how you want to get paid. If you are careful when choosing, you will get a perfect platform that pays good rates conveniently.

    You can withdraw your interest as fiat money such as USD, EUR, or any other. Better still, you can receive the interest as crypto coins to your digital wallet and expand your savings for more interest. Since there is guaranteed asset security on most reputable platforms, there is nothing to be scared of. After all, this is a good way to earn on USDC and grow your digital investments. 

    That said, you now know how to earn USD Coin with a savings account. What is remaining is for you to start investing after choosing a reliable platform. Good luck!


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