IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson Warns of Massive FUD Storm in Run-Up to Alonzo Launch of Cardano

Sahaj  |  Sep 7, 2021

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, has recently addressed the huge amount of FUD that has been faced by Cardano as the preparations for the Alonzo launch are in full swing. Hoskinson has taken it to Twitter and mentions numerous posts about Cardano FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media. 

Charles Hoskinson Addresses Cardano FUD Before Alonzo Launch

Just five days before the much-awaited Alonzo upgrade of Cardano, there have been numerous FUD related to Cardano on social media. Charles Hoskinson mentioned the fact that this is not the first time it is happening with Cardano, as earlier at the time of Shelley Upgrade, Cardano faced a lot of FUD.

Shelley upgrade was the upgrade that introduced the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to the network.

In addition to this, Hoskinson did not seem surprised with the massive FUD underway and he was quite expecting it.

In an explanation to this, he mentioned that the Alonzo upgrade, along with other minor upgrades to the Cardano blockchain, contributes to the development of the blockchain, and it belongs to the category of things that individuals do not understand or feel threatened by.

Anthony Sassano Massively Attacking Cardano 

Anthony Sassano, the Co-founder of and an active member of the Ethereum community, has been massively attacking Cardano and its recently launched testnet with its smart contracts feature over the social media. 

He released a statement on Sunday mentioning that the Cardano blockchain is broken. Moreover, he posted screenshots that were shared on Reddit. The screenshots show the latest Minswap exchange app has tripped over several big issues, and it has basically been useless for users.

It is because the EUTXO of Cardano can now conduct only one transaction on each block. 

Along with this, the IOHK team shared data provided by PoolTool, mentioning that 64% of stake pools have been upgraded to the 1.29.0 Alonzo node.

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