Joke or Drunk? Sun Admit That TRX is a Sh*tcoin

February 10, 2020      Ibiam Wayas

The cryptocurrency industry was left in a state of bewilderment on February 9, following a now trending interview between Peter McCormack and Justin Sun, the notable founder and CEO of the supposed Ethereum killer, Tron Network.

Sun left everyone confused after he said in the video clip (+128k views) of the exclusive interview with McCormack that the native token of Tron Network, TRX is a shitcoin. Perhaps, many people think he was drunk for such a description.

Later in another tweet, McCormack recited Sun statement that:

“Tron is a stupid shitcoin – Justin isn’t coming on the show – I haven’t been paid anything by Justin – Justin hasn’t lent me a private jet. Justin admitted on camera that Tron is a shitcoin. Goal achieved. If anyone sees this & buys Tron, then lol. Next?”

So, What’s a Shitcoin

Shitcoin is generally a pejorative word people normally use in the cryptocurrency space to describe any altcoin that is assumed to be worthless or useless. Also, most crypto enthusiasts fondly describe the crypto of any project they dislike with such a term.

Following the definition, does it mean that Tron (TRX) is of less value? This and a few other questions have been ranging on Twitter since McCormack shared the video clip.

The CEO of Tron Network has always been futuristic and active in speaking on the potentials of TRX. Meanwhile, the token in question is the world’s 13th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $1,463,960,927. 

Tron’s performance so far is one of the reasons people believe that Sun was played, either he was drunk, or he was joking. A few other people on Twitter like @Toxicfacez believe that McCormack is disrespectful for sharing the clip.

@Toxicfacez said in a tweet:

“Very brilliant and a good mark of respect. I really don’t care about TRX but at least one of them looks stupid, and it’s not Justin. Someone is probably drunk, and joking and the others take advantage of that. Respect is not for everybody. This what I see.”

Ibiam Wayas
Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas is an optimistic crypto news reporter who also enjoys tech writing. He is an introvert who spends much of his time on the internet studying facts that will help him excel in the digital/cryptocurrency space.