Justin Sun Receives $2 million From FED's Relief Fund

Zain  |  May 7, 2020

Wherever Justin Sun goes controversy follows. It has been reported now that he received $2m in aid by the US government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The revelation came as a surprise to mang given he doesn't need it and has made multiple million-dollar acquisitions lately.

The Tron platform received this amount according to the WeChat channel run by the platform in China. The grant is meant for salary protection, of the small firms in the country hit tremendously by the pandemic, and in the eyes of many Justin, Sun is way better off and over-qualified to receiver the grant.  The recipient is not supposed to repay the amount.

The translation of the news was made by Sino global capital,  chief executive Matthew Graham and posted on Twitter. He thought that the Chinese Blockchain country would look at it as a form of endorsement of Tron by the US or even consider it a solid move. However, the response was rather outrageous.

We need to talk about this. In China Justin Sun appears to be claiming that Tron successfully applied for COVID-19 small business relief money from the United States government. pic.twitter.com/B3EKQHJLpD

Question Marks Raised on US Fed Too For Giving Justin Sun Grant 

Not only Justin Sun, but the US Fed received backlash too and questions were raised over its way of working. Many small firms in the US have failed to receive the grant and to see Justin Sum get it has definitely angered the people. They're also accusing FED to be biased about who they wish to give and are even adding firms of their choice even if this is not meant for them. Many asked Justin Sun to come out and explain why he took the amount and even suggest him to return it back. A Blockchain start-up by Ethereum co-founder could not receive the amount and seeing Justin Sun reaping from the emergency fund has not gone down too well with anyone in the community.

Justin Sun has a Beijing connection as he initially started his projects there but after the country banned all  ICOs and tightened its grip on Crypto exchanges, he shifted to San Francisco.

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