Kaspersky Launches a Blockchain-Based Voting System Called Polys

Zain  |  Feb 28, 2020

A platform which thrives on blockchain technology has been built by one of the world’s largest cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky, according to the reports from Verdict UK.

Kaspersky Innovation Hub with the desire to develop an upgrade over the current existing voting platform has come up with their Polys project, which can be utilized by businesses, universities and political parties. According to Kasper, Polys is world’s first project to combine the online election system with the blockchain technology and bring them together. The basis of it is a distributed ledger technology coupled with online-based election system, in order to conceive a confirmed tie between the vote and the voter.

Main Motive Behind Kaspersky's Polys

Online voting faced the wrath of people in the aftermath of the Iowa Caucus election drama, in which the users who didn’t have access to the internet could not participate and cast their vote. The app crashed and not all the results could be cross-checked. There were 5.3 million adults in the U.K. who could not vote given they had no access to the internet, according to the office of national studies.

 The introduction of  Polys by Kaspersky, voting enabled blockchain could pay dividends and enhance the security levels too. The report suggests that to avoid double voting and helps voters cast their vote, Polys will leverage QR codes and tokens. Kaspersky summarized the project by stating that,

“The process works by verified voters being given a unique QR code or token, which is then scanned, allowing them to cast a vote on a Polys Voting Machine with votes then automatically encrypted and counted.”

After the voting is done, the voter can authenticate their vote on Polys, the voting system is built on anonymity and it allows the voters to be free from any worries or overwhelming pressure or influence, making them vote according to their free will. Once it is launched officially, Kaspersky is planning to make it available for political parties and business institutions worldwide.

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