Kathleen Breitman Indicates her Blockchain Game not Developed by Tezos

Vandana  |  Apr 6, 2020

Kathleen Breitman who is the co-founder of Tezos has recently revealed that her upcoming blockchain game might not be backed by Tezos. Although she has not revealed anything else other than this, it could be seen on the white paper of the game that it uses the cryptocurrency of Tezos. In a recent announcement, Breitman has also revealed that the platform for the game has not been decided yet.

Kathleen will not tie up with Arthur Breitman

It has been seen since very long that both Kathleen and Arthur Breitman have been working together. Both of them have worked together to build up the Tezos blockchain. Through the recent announcement by her it is quite indicative that they won’t be working together on her next project.

The next project is a card game named Emergents which will be based on blockchain technology. The game has been announced recently in March only. During the announcement, it also came out that all the in-game payments will be made in Tezos native tokens that are XTZ.

Even though it was earlier announced that the game will be using Tezos tokens, it seems doubtful after the recent statement of Kathleen. She has said that this time her project will not be associated with Tezos and she is still figuring out the platform. She has also clarified that the white paper of the game does not specify any platform related to it.

Arthur Breitman might be excluded from Tezos Technical Advisory Committee

Tezos has been in the headlines for quite some time now and there are several other rumors also that are coming out of it. Through certain reports, it has been indicated that Arthur Breitman could be excluded from the technical advisory committee of Tezos.

There are a lot of things that are yet to be revealed yet by Tezos but people are still hopeful that the new blockchain game by Kathleen will be backed by Tezos only.

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