Kneron Launches KNEO Platform to Create Secure Personal Network

Vandana  |  Jul 17, 2020

Kneron, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm has recently announced the launch of KNEO platform. This platform will be used to combine AI devices with the blockchain technology in order to create a better and secure personal network. This platform will also create digital assets from the personal data. This could be later on sold or exchanged with the different organizations. This KNEO platform has been developed on blockchain technology and works to connect different edge AI sensors. These sensors include thermal sensors, microphones, cameras and others. This also indicates that with KNEO platform, there is not any need for internet connection. This is because the complete data is highly encrypted and stored on a private network.

Kneron introduces an edge AI marketplace

Along with this announcement, it has been seen that Kneron has also introduced an edge AI marketplace. This marketplace is available on both Google play store and Apple app store. The reason behind this is to encourage the complete open-source community to developers new applications. It will also help the consumers to connect with the corporations who are willing to use or buy the firm’s data which is enabled with blockchain in digital asset form.

Major universities are already using the firm’s technology 

It has also been revealed that a lot of major universities of the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong are already using the technology of Kneron. This technology has been used in different courses which are related to the development of AI. This is indicating that one of the important parts of KNEO platform is going to be educated as well. Even though the concept of AI technology has been going on for several years but recently some huge developments have been going on in this sector. Now the combination of AI and blockchain technology is going to be a huge development in this sector. This will also help the firms to create a completely secure and private AI network.

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