Ledger Reignited An Old Fight With Competing firm Trezor

Javeria  |  Feb 14, 2020

Ledger, the developer of hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies set fire to an old fight with its competing crypto hardware wallet firm, Trezor in a blog post yesterday. The post compared the claimed advantages of its three types of internal secure element chips including Safe Memory chips, Microcontroller Units (MCU), and its own Secure Elements.

Hitting back to the claims, Marek Palatinus, the co-founder and CEO of SatoshiLabs, accused the post of being dishonest through a tweet.

According to the blog post, the MCUs found the wallet of Trezor were designed for general devices like TV remotes and microwaves and does not consist of any countermeasures for security attacks. The blog further stated that even the Safe memory chips used in hardware wallet manufactures by other companies were not third-party tested, which makes them vulnerable to side-channel attacks.

Not Telling the Whole Story

In his tweet, Palatinus accused Ledger of pointing out the only part of the complete story and being deceptive. According to the tweet, the non-disclosure agreement for Secure Elements chip merchants limits the manufacturers of crypto wallet from addressing security issues. Trezor says that the firm uses nonNDA chips which is why it is free to open up to everyone and be fully transparent on the topic. The co-founder of SatoshiLabs further promised to discuss the NDAs implication to end-user security in March at the Bitcoin 2020 conference.

Both the firms clashed last year in March when Ledger posted a report mentioning five supposed vulnerabilities in the crypto hardware wallets of Trezor. To this, Trezor responded very quickly, pointing out the claims to be wrong. Trezor made it clear that there’s no chance to attack the wallet remotely as it all requires physical access to the device. After then the quarrel seems to calm down since yesterday when Ledger reignited it through its blog post.

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