LINE Launches Blockchain Development Platform For DApps and Services

Vandana  |  Aug 27, 2020

LINE, a Japanese messaging giant has launched LINE Blockchain Developers for decentralized apps and services. It is a blockchain development platform that has been recently launched by the firm. Along with this, the firm has also launched a digital asset wallet, named as BITMAX. 

This will help the users to manage both fungible and non-fungible digital assets. The launch of both these products has been announced by the firm and its crypto subsidiary, LVC Corporation on August 24. 

LINE aiming to cut costs and complexities for developers

Through this all-new blockchain development platform, the firm is aiming to cut the costs and complexities that come while developing apps for the developers. It will also help while tokenizing digital assets and monetizing data. It is revealed that BITMAX wallets will be connected with the LINE IDs of the users. Through linking this, the users will be able to both trade and send digital assets to the contacts.

According to the announcement made by the firm, the developers can use the userbase of the firm that is more than 84 million. This userbase could be used for the blockchain services that these developers will develop.

Digital asset wallet will be limited to Japan

Along with the launch of both these products, it is specified that the development platform of LINE will be made available globally. It will be available in two languages, Japanese and English. While the digital asset wallet, BITMAX will be available for Japanese users only and will be having only the local language.

The blockchain group was created by the firm in 2018 and since then it has gained huge success in both crypto and blockchain initiatives. Back in 2019, the firm was able to gain regulatory approval in Japan and after that, it has launched its own crypto exchange, Bitmax. After this, it has also launched BitBox, which is a Singapore-based exchange.

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