Mariah Carey Collaborates With Crypto Platform Gemini to Support Black Girls CODE

Kavya  |  Oct 21, 2021

One of history’s renowned artists has just given the crypto realm a tremendous push. According to Rolling Stone, Mariah Carey collaborates with cryptocurrency platform Gemini, which was established by Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss, to increase financial empowerment for women. 

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Collaborates With Mariah Carey

Because of her worldwide prominence and increasing engagement in financial instruments, the Winklevoss twins felt compelled to collaborate with the "We Belong Together" singer. 

In a video released to Mariah Carey's social media channels, she praises Gemini's free educational tools, such as Crytopedia, for her newly gained knowledge on better Bitcoin investment methods.

To encourage her followers to participate, the worldwide diva will give them $20 in Bitcoin when they join up with the code ‘MARIAH’. 

A percentage of the proceeds will go to Black Girls CODE, a charity that aims to teach one million Black girls in coding to expand their participation in the digital arena by 2040. 

Despite Mariah Carey's reported $320 million net worth, she wishes to remind interested parties that they do not need to be wealthy to enter the digital mining pool. 

A Gemini official told Rolling Stone that it's a "myth that you need to buy a full Bitcoin."

Carey Reveals That Customers Would Be Able To Invest With Gemini For As Little As $5

Gemini has got the Hollywood mogul's stamp of approval, and the goal is that customers will feel at ease using their instructional tools as they embark on a new financial endeavor.

“It’s great to see Mariah and other celebrities discover bitcoin as an investment and hedge against inflation,” Tyler Winklevoss said, according to Rolling Stone. “Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ether were two of the best-performing assets of the last decade. Our goal at Gemini is to help educate you on the promise of crypto and make it simple, easy, and safe for you to engage in this new asset class.”

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