Marvel Launches NFT Collection for Captain America Fans

Jafrin  |  Aug 17, 2021

American entertainment company Marvel is releasing its latest ‘Marvel Mighty’ series featuring Captain America and some of the global franchise’s most iconic heroes after the successful launch of the Spiderman NFT collection last week. 

Marvel is Launching Captain-America Themed NFTs

Comics books franchise and global entertainment company Marvel is releasing Captain-America themed digital collectibles featuring stars such as Steve Rogers, John F. Walker, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and the Red Skull.

Launched as the broader initiative to celebrate ‘Marvel Month’ on the VeVe non-fungible token (NFT) platform, the collection will feature five NFTS randomly inserted in digital packs for $13 each. Consequently, more collections could soon be released in the following weeks. 

Speaking of the NFT release, Marvel’s VP of business development and strategy, Daniel Fink, said:

“We hope to expand the limits of what Marvel fandom can be, starting with personal and interactive digital collectibles that, through NFTs, fans can truly collect, share, and enjoy in a way that they have not been able to do before.”

The release comes just a week after the successful launch of the Spiderman-NFT collection which sold out all 60,500 NFTs within 24-hours of launch like a hot cupcake.

In addition to Marvel, the VeVe marketplace also hosts other digital collectibles from DC Comics, Star Trek, and other franchises. Beyond digital collectibles, Marvel will also sell 3D statues and digital comic books through Veve's "mixed reality" app. 

More Brands are Getting Into NFTs

Marvel is not the only comic book giant that has jumped into the NFT bandwagon. Earlier this year, rival DC Comics too ventured into the non-fungible token universe realm by releasing Batman-themed digital collectibles.

In addition, major brands including the NBA, Breitling watches, LVMH, Nike, Formula One, and Real Madrid are among the many who have launched their own NFT projects in an effort to increase engagements with their fanbase.

So far, the NFT market surged to new highs in the second quarter, bringing $2.5 billion in sales this year. In March, an NFT was sold for a whopping $69.3 million at Christie's, a record that still stands strong.

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