MetaMask Phishing Scam Preys on Users Seeking Support
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MetaMask Phishing Scam Preys on Users Seeking Support

May 3, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Recent cases have revealed that the scammers have outlined a Google Doc form to emulate the official support site of MetaMask’s. The cryptocurrency wallet is warning users of a new phishing scam that invites unsuspecting users to enter their wallet seed phrases into the form on Google Docs.

MetaMask Warns User of the Phishing Scam

The warning came on the official Twitter account of MetaMask, saying: “PHISHING ALERT”, which is a new type of phishing bot that is becoming active. It comes from an account that looks completely normal, however, it hopefully suggests that filling out a support form on a well-established site like Google Sheets. Moreover, it asks for your secret recovery phrase.

Indeed, none of the support tools of MetaMask is based in Google Docs and the wallet provider informed the users that the safest way to get assistance from the provider is to make use of the official link to the support system of MetaMask.

The link can be found in the Get Help option that is located inside the MetaMask application and in addition to this, the users can report the phishing scams in the wallet application.

Number of Scams Growing With the Increasing User Base

MetaMask has managed to become one of the most popular utility cryptocurrency wallets on the market with its browser extension integration. As reported by a major analyst of the market, the developing company of the wallet in the month of April had arisen more than 5 million active monthly users.

In accordance with data released by a crypto firm, one of these scams was a rotten seed phrase attack in which hackers generate seed phrases that can be co-opted after the users have managed to fund their accounts.

It is not the first time or the first company to become a victim of phishing scams as they have become really effective and prolific.

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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