Miami to Distribute Free Bitcoin to its Residents! Credits to the Success Miami Coin

Gitumani  |  Nov 12, 2021

Miami would soon give out free Bitcoin, all thanks to the huge success of Miami Coin. Subjects from Miami soon will be acquiring a wallet with some free Bitcoin. All credits go to the opulence of the cryptocurrency-loving mayor - Francis Suarez's Miami Coin.

Francis Suarez announced his wages on a program to share out free Bitcoin to the residents of his city.  When interviewed for CoinDest TV, Suarez elucidated, "I'm reckoning a way to distribute part of Miami Coin's yield to the people of Miami." He added that the idea is already extant & growing, irrespective of a few provisions left to be defined.

Miami Coin covers the way for free Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency - Miami Coin aspires to amplify the city's evolution by endowing strategic projects. The start-up CityCoins is held responsible for the technical aspect of the project. And the city of Miami is held responsible for the administrative and political aspects.

To date, Suarez declares to have assembled about $21 million from the sale of Miami Coin tokens. For earning rewards, people buy & stake the tokens. Consequently, Miami Coin holders are eligible to avail of certain benefits integrated with their investment.

Besides, the city profits because it's the only supplier of the token.

Coins to be distributed under Bitcoin wallet 

Presently Francis Suarez wishes to allocate the share of the token's returns to Miami Coin holders as well as a broader group. This broader group will be assigned a Bitcoin wallet in Miami thereby granting some coins as passive income.

Francis comments, "We are planning to create digital wallets for our inhabitants. We will directly give them Bitcoin from the yield of MiamiCoin."

However, the eligibility criteria of who to receive the gift are yet to be decided. Because till date there's no agreement on whether "Miami people" are voters, taxpayers, residents, or such people who meet some other criteria.

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