Michael van de Poppe Pinned his Opinion On Bear Market

Prabhjeet  |  Nov 25, 2021

"Also, I don't like how #Bitcoin is merely staying flat while altcoins are being severely sold off in their $BTC pair. Then there's ADA, DOT, ETH, and other major companies that are being heavily sold off. That is, in fact, a symptom of market weakness," carefully marked by Michael van de Poppe, CEO and Founder Eight, full-time trader at Beursplein.

The crypto market began the week with tremendous volatility, with Bitcoin rising above $60K before succumbing to bearishness and falling to $1,079 billion in market capitalization. The price of ETH has dropped by 4.6 percent, and major altcoins have also fallen. The global crypto market capitalization has dropped 2.74 percent to $2.56 trillion.

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