MicroStrategy Offering Free Online Course in Bitcoin Strategy

Vandana  |  Jan 13, 2021

MicroStrategy, a global business intelligence firm, will be offering a free online course on February 3-4, 2020. It has been seen that this firm was among the very first institutional investors that have invested a huge sum of money into Bitcoin. The firm will host, “Bitcoin for Corporations” on February 3 and 4, as told by CEO Michael Saylor

Back in August and September 2020, MicroStrategy had announced a complete investment of $425 million. That amount has now increased to $2.3 billion as bitcoin price has increased to a very great extent since then. 

MicroStrategy Focusing on Bitcoin’s Adoption by Corporations

As mentioned by MicroStrategy, their main area of focus on the first day will be to educate people on how corporations can adopt Bitcoin. It will be all about developing the Bitcoin strategy and what are the points that all the firms need to focus on. 

On this first day, Saylor himself will give two talks. He will be explaining how Bitcoin acts as a treasure reserve asset. Along with this, he will also talk about all the macroeconomic factors that will help drive Bitcoin adoption for institutions. Another major focus of Saylor on the first day will be on Bitcoin Corporate Strategy. He will talk about the strategy that will help corporations with Bitcoin integration and maximizing profits. 

Bitcoin’s Financial and Legal Considerations 

In this free online course, MicroStrategy will also cover topics related to Bitcoin’s legal and financial considerations. As per the firm, on the second day they will provide:

“Overview of strategic vendors and offerings in the Bitcoin marketplace.”

The main purpose of this online course is to drive Bitcoin adoption among more and more institutional investors. This will help Bitcoin to attain that mainstream adoption at a very large scale that bitcoiners have been dreaming of. 

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