Monero And Bitcoin Created by The Same Person- Monero Outreach

Zain  |  Apr 2, 2020

Even after more than a decade, the mystery about who created bitcoin remains unsolved. Except for the Satoshi Nakamoto name, there is not much anyone knows about the creator. While many have claimed to be him, none has been able to back it up.

However, an exciting development has been made, which claims that Nakamoto didn't create just one cryptocurrency but two.

Research by Monero Outreach has reached the conclusion that Monero was created by Satoshi Nakamoto too.

Monero made its way to the market in 2014, with the primary motive of making up for the privacy bitcoin lacks. Monero operates on a public ledger, and it is impossible to keep track or trace the transactions done on it. This appeals to the dark web users strongly and has made XMR their go-to coin for nefarious deeds.

Monero's whitepaper was published in 2012, three years after the first bitcoin block. Nicolas van Saberhagen, a pseudonym just like Nakamoto, is the author of it. No one has any idea who created Monero.

Monero Outreach's Main Argument Behind The Claim

The main argument used by Monero Outreach to prove they are the same people is that the document Cryptonote. This document lays out the concept of monero, and they claim Nakamoto first shared this concept in Bitcointalk forum post. In this post-Nakamoto talks about stealth addresses and ring signatures, both of these later made their way to Monero's whitepaper.

The writing style is being carefully analysed too, and interesting parallels are getting drawn. The way they both spell favour/favourable in the same way, the black and white lines drawings used, all these similarities are visible to the naked eye and back Monero Outreach's claim.

The creative lead at Monero Outreach, Thunderosa stated: "When you first look at those two documents side by side, you can get floored by the crazy similarities. Maybe we should start calling the author Satoshi van Saberhagen".

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