NEAR Token Sale Gets Postponed After Coinlist Went Down
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NEAR Token Sale Gets Postponed After Coinlist Went Down

August 12, 2020      Vandana Malik

The much-awaited NEAR token sale had been postponed because of the Coinlist exchange’s traffic. This token sale has been delayed by 24 hours from the scheduled time. Coinlist is an exchange that is hosting this complete offering of tokens. 

The sale was scheduled for 10 am ET on 11th August, but it did not take place at this time as the firm exchange went down due to excess traffic. The Twitter account of the exchange was flooded with huge complaints from all the participant traders of this offering. 

NEAR token sale postponed to August 12

After this postponement, the NEAR token sale has been scheduled for 10 am ET on August 12. It has been seen that a lot of traders have compared this incident with the first token sale of the platform back in 2017. 

Even though there were massive complaints from the traders that they were unable to get the access, a lot of people have also claimed successful access. Many screenshots have been posted by a lot of people claiming that they have successfully invested in NEAR. 

The firm has also specified that the investors can invest in three different tranches of the token, which are differently priced. As per the announcement, the first tranche is limited to the total sale of 100 million tokens and not more than that. 

Investors from different countries can participate 

The NEAR token sale is open for investors from different countries. It has been specified that investors outside of the United States, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, China, Belarus, Liberia, Congo, Iran, and Cuba. 

Recently, there have been a lot of token sales like this one. Back in May, CLabs was able to raise $10 million in a dutch auction in which the investors from 62 countries have participated. This auction was sold out within 12 hours only, and the funds were raised for the development of the Celo blockchain network.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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