NGC: The World's Biggest Social Trading and Betting Coin

Evan  |  Oct 13, 2021

Imagine a decentralized platform where you can securely trade cryptocurrencies as well as carry out stock activities. That is exactly what the NAGA platform is offering. NAGA is the only platform in the world that offers its users full-scale Web financial services. The platform provides technology, resources, and it assists traders to make sound trading decisions. Its services range from investing and banking to gaming and cryptocurrencies. The company is regulated and performed one of the fastest IPOs ever when it was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July 2017. In 2020, the company became the best-performing stock in Germany (N4G +600%, from €0.50 to €9 at the peak). 

This innovative Fintech company hopes that by acting as a bridge between traditional banking and digital money services, they can democratize access to tools and knowledge so that everyone (from retail investors to large institutions) can benefit from crypto and virtual financial assets. In line with this goal, the platform through the NAGA DeFi feature offers its users the ability to copy trading strategies of other investors using the NAGA Autocopy feature. Currently, the company has crossed the 1 Million accounts mark and is on an impressive growth track.

The NAGA Ecosystem is made up of:

  • NAGA Academy — A trading academy
  • NAGA Trader — A social trading platform 
  • NAGA Markets — An online brokerage platform 
  • NAGA Virtual — A virtual goods exchange platform 
    • NAGA Brokers — A training Webinar and seminar provider
    • NAGA Wallet — A Cryptocurrency wallet
    • Founded with the mission to make transactions in the cryptocurrency, stocks, and gaming markets more transparent, the NAGA Group AG | WKN: A161NR | ISIN: DE000A161NR7 has trading platforms in place for the financial markets as well as virtual goods. The market is worth over €200 million and it produces billions in trades each month. The NAGA Coin (NGC) was developed by the NAGA group with the intent to use it as a utility coin for the traders on the trading platform. 

      NGC is a cryptocurrency that is aiming to become the go-to coin for social finance shortly. The coin is the main utility token of the NAGA ecosystem which includes trading, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and social betting. By holding NGC, users can decrease fees, create trade copy smart contracts and more. After raising $80,000,000 during its ICO and IPO in the same year, the NAGA Coin, an Ethereum-based token (ERC20) was launched in December 2017 

      NAGA’s Vision for the future of trading 

      NAGA’s aims to establish the world’s first secure and transparent crypto-gateway for the trading of stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and other financial instruments on a global scale. Users will at some point be able to buy stocks or gaming items and assets with NAGA tokens or other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Users also have the feature of letting a personalized Robo-advisor, called CYBO, invest for them. This way, they can build their financial wealth with full transparency and with little or no transaction costs.

      Integration with Binance

      Because of NAGA’s flexible infrastructure, holders of BNB (the Binance Coin) can actively/passively invest in the stock markets without needing to sell or swap their BNBs. This integration enables BNB holders to use their BNB to invest in more than 800 different financial instruments in cryptocurrencies, Forex, ETFs, equities, and even gaming. 

      BNB holders will be able to: 

      • Carry out on-Chain BNB Deposit and Withdrawals to/from NAGA Wallet
      • Use BNB as the base currency on the NAGA Trader platform
      • Trade the BNB/USD and BNB/EUR pairs on NAGA Trader
      • Copy/Autocopy successful traders on NAGA using BNB
      • Setup NAGA's Robo-Advisor “CYBO” investing and returning BNB
      • Participate in daily, weekly and monthly trading contests using BNB
      • Trade in-game items on NAGA Virtual and receive payouts in BNB instantly to NAGA Wallet… 
      • … and much more. 

        To these, NAGA is listed on the “USE BNB” page on

        NGC Token Utility 

        Holders of the NGC coin can get reduced fees on copy trading and automatically enjoy better trading conditions like higher copy bonuses and lower spreads. Owning the NGC coin means a user will also have a NAGA account where their coin can be stored in their wallet but this is not just an account. Owning a NAGA account offers access to a world of financial possibilities. One of which is being able to easily invest in the financial markets with fiat and cryptocurrencies on NAGA Trader. NGC users on NAGA Trader will enjoy reduced fees and other special benefits that offer even more opportunities to win in the markets. 

        A big driver of the utility model on NAGA is the stability of services users will gain access to by holding or using the token. Some of the real-world products and services the utility token can be used on the NAGA ecosystem are:

        • Withdrawing cryptocurrencies or profits from trading from MasterCard ATM via the NAGA’s fully operational crypto-friendly card. 
        • Book trips, buy concert tickets and do other things using NGC with the NAGA card. 
        • Trade on the Forex and Derivatives markets
        • Invest in the stock markets using NGC
        • (Amongst other things) 

          The NAGA Academy helps users attend online and offline educational seminars so they can be up to date with the latest trends in technology. NAGA card is the first fully functioning crypto card and it'll fill a huge hole in the Crypto space.

          Token Allocation 

          Presale — 5%

          Team Tokens — 17.5%

          Bounty — 5%

          Legal and Advisory — 12.5%

          Main Sale — 55%

          Reserve, Buy Back and Options — 10%

          Token Distribution

          • 17.5% of coins are allocated to Founders, the current team, and future employees.
          • 100% of the Legal & Advisory Tokens will be locked up for 6 months.
          • 100% of the Bounty Tokens will be locked up for 6 months.
          • 50% of the Team Tokens will be locked up for 6 months. 
          • You can follow NAGA on:

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