Noteworthy Blockchain Marketing Trends You Should Know
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Noteworthy Blockchain Marketing Trends You Should Know

February 17, 2021      Sujit Kumar

When you hear about blockchain technology today, you might be thinking that it is something that is yet to be known by a lot of people. You might be thinking there is still some time for the blockchain market to make its way into the mainstream market and for people to get accustomed to it. However, it has become very popular over the past few years and is already changing the world around us. 

Records show that the use of blockchain in different industries is vividly increasing. A recent survey by Deloitte showed that 83% of respondents see compelling use cases for blockchain in 2019, and it came up from 74% in 2018.


And one of the top industries where blockchain is or can be used quite productively is the marketing industry. Marketers have been waiting eagerly for Blockchain Marketing. They expect that it will impact and optimize their work to a great extent. So before we get any further into understanding the latest trends that come with blockchain marketing, let us first have a brief idea about what blockchain marketing means. 

What is Blockchain Marketing?

Blockchain is a highly technical field with various financial, political, and regulatory challenges. Despite this, it has an incredibly captivating market and holds the potential for explosive growth. When Blockchain is being used in the marketing field, it means to form data and information and their direct exchange between the brands and consumers. It eliminates middlemen. 

Brian Platz, co-founder, and co-CEO of Winston Salem explained blockchain marketing as “…an entirely new advertising and marketing environment, in which consumers are able to own and sell their data directly to marketers and advertisers,” To put it in other words, this means to sidestep platforms like Facebook and Instagram entirely, so that there are greater trust and usability of consumer data.

Top Blockchain Marketing Trends of 2021

Blockchain and Marketing experts both believe that blockchain holds the ability to change the face of marketing in the future. It is now being used in various marketing fields, marketers are working on how they can better leverage blockchain in the future. Therefore, let us now learn about the top blockchain marketing trends for 2021. 

  • Crypto Twitter takes over the office from Reddit, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk

The year 2019 saw an exciting turn of events when Twitter took away the office from Reddit, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk. This happened after the blockchain industry became a dominant communication platform in the United States. As the importance and popularity of blockchain increased, marketers didn’t want to be left behind, when it came to the implementation of blockchain in the marketing world. Therefore, talks about blockchain and crypto became mainstream. And instead of just being spoken about on platforms like BitcoinTalk, people started using more prominent social media platforms like Twitter.

One main incident of this trend is Jack Dorsey. Jack is known for a lot of reasons and to start from, he has backed Lightning Labs, launched a crypto division of Square that is now funding bitcoin core development, and grew Square’s Cash App into one of the leading retail onramps in the U.S. He took it to Twitter and said,


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“Twitter would fund a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media”

This got the entire community behind him and Twitter quite excited and is having a significant impact on the space in 2021. 

  • Welcoming “Ghost”: A More Crypto-Friendly Publishing Platform

The year 2020 saw an exciting blockchain marketing trend of people shifting to crypto-friendly publishing websites. The world saw a trend of how writers shifted from Medium to a crypto-friendly publishing platform called Ghost. This clearly indicates that people want to know and write about the crypto and blockchain space. With the growing technology need, marketers have realized the potential of blockchain marketing. And to do this, people first need to be aware and accustomed to the technology. This is why they want a platform that lets them write freely about the industry without any censorship. Here is the reason why Ghost started to trend. Note that the trend is increasing vividly in 2021.

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We all know about the famous publishing platform Medium. When you publish something on Medium, then after publishing you lose control over your content. Medium has control over your content now and is also responsible for driving in traffic. When you want someone to read what you wrote, you are sending them to another company’s publishing site and not yours. Medium does not allow you to set custom domains to blog posts, hence reducing organic visibility and SEO value from your content. Moreover Medium is not quite a good friend when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain. It has histories of increasing censorship and the threat of account suspension when people wrote anything related to the crypto and blockchain industry. 

This is why the crypto lovers wanted to shift to something that does not have such regulation and Ghost came to the rescue. 


  • Moats are Disappearing

It is time that we say goodbye to Moats in the blockchain space. There are enormous projects that are coming up and are competing with each other. And if you want to stay in the game you have to do more than surviving off cool technology, ICO proceeds, and operational efficiency. And that one strong moat for blockchain organizations in 2021 and the future is Brand. 

Your brand needs to occupy a significant position in the mind of people. You need to earn brand loyalty from your customers and only then you are going to last. Some macro examples of blockchain projects that have shown impressive success rates are, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Coinbase, and MakerDAO.

  • Education over Everything

It won’t be wrong if we say half of the world’s problems will be over if all people become educated and choose education over anything. People tend to form a strong opinion about things even before learning about them properly. The crypto and the blockchain industry still suffer from understanding and basic knowledge. 

We all know that the crypto and the blockchain industry have a dark history of fraud and hacking. This is why it is important to eliminate fear. The times have changed and helping clients and partners understand the real value that blockchain technology enables, is of utmost importance. This involves a significant amount of time speaking/writing about the benefits and uses of blockchain and the opportunities it enables.

Companies that allow content marketing significantly, goes ahead of those that don’t, both in terms of traffic and sales. Newcomers to the blockchain space, both retail and corporate, are increasingly conducting their research to learn about the field. They know that in the end, it is the knowledge that matters. 

  • Blockchain Projects will become more Polished and Smooth

The blockchain industry is growing and 99% of blockchain organizations operate like traditional businesses. Therefore, they need the money which they will pay to their employees. 

Now people or traders are there in the blockchain space or using the blockchain technology for various reasons. Some are miners, who run blockchain nodes as a passive income scheme, some are developers, some are speculators and others are there for simply using the technology for their own purpose. Therefore, each of these segments must be identified to understand their needs and behaviors. It is significant to retain those users for the entity to transition into good business. 


These were some of the top blockchain marketing trends. These trends are both technical as well as human. At the end of the song, it all lies in the hands of blockchain marketers. Marketers should work closely to make the space more simple for the common man. They should replace complexity with simplicity, and give customers what they need.  

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Sujit Kumar
Sujit Kumar

Sujit received his Bachelors in Science from the LNMU Darbhanga. He is currently working as a Freelance Digital Marketing specialist. He has more than three years of professional experience in information systems, security policies, technologies, and Cryptocurrency. He has published 6 books in the area of information security and assurance. He has published more than 50 research articles in leading journals Regarding the Latest and Breaking Crypto News and updates. His research interests include access control, computer forensics, Digital Marketing, Web development, business hacks, player experience, and virtual storytelling.