OKEx Strengthens Its Commitment by Listing Six New Projects

Vandana  |  Dec 14, 2020

OKEx, which is a leading crypto exchange, has recently listed six new projects to its platform. This step is indicating the commitment of the exchange to delivering a huge diversity of products to its users. All the users will now be able to invest in the tokens that are in huge demand in the market. 

Spot trading pairs of API3, COVER, HEGIC, PICKLE, and KP3R went life, back in the previous week, against USDT. These will go with the trading pairs against BTC and ETH. OKEx has opened both deposits and withdrawals for all these five tokens. 

OKEx Strengthens Support For DeFi Industry Development 

The exchange has started spot trading for NuCypher’s token (NU) from December 11, 2020. With the adoption of these tokens, OKEx is simply strengthening its support for the development of the DeFi industry. All the tokens that are recently listed on the platform, are meant for different purposes. 

COVER token helps in providing peer-to-peer coverage with the fungible tokens. HEGIC token is an on-chain options trading protocol that has been built on Ethereum for hedge contracts. PICKLE is especially for the yield farmers as it helps the users to get better compounding yields on their investment. While the remaining three, are KP3R, AP13, and NU are for the decentralized web. 

Waves of Innovation in Decentralised Web and Cryptography 

Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx, has said that they are delighted to see the innovation that is coming out of the DeFi sector. He also said:

“It's also refreshing to see projects such as Cover Protocol actively seeking to protect DeFi users from smart contract vulnerabilities and make transacting in the space safer.”

The firm is excited to see the kind of innovation that is waiting ahead in both decentralized web and cryptography. The listing of all these new tokens is going to provide some great investment opportunities to the users as well.

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