Pentagon Creates War Game and Will Reward Players With BTC

Vandana  |  Jun 8, 2020

The current situation of the United States is getting quite worse due to the ongoing protests but amid all of this an article has made huge revelation on June 06. According to that article, the U.S. Pentagon has created a war game back in 2018 which indicates the current scenario of the state. The name of the game is 2018 JLASS, which means Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program. Not only this, but that game has also rewarded the users with Bitcoin as they started a rebellion which is known as Zbellion. It has also been specified that Zbellion uses software with the help of which national currencies have been converted into Bitcoin.

War game by Pentagon depicts current scenario

Even though the game was created back in 2018 but it is clearly depicting the current scenario of the U.S. This game indicates towards the current situation where people are moving towards cryptocurrency across the state. In that game by the Pentagon, it was shown that the citizens started losing their faith due to misleading information by the traditional information networks. This is indicating the confusion that U.S. President Donald Trump has made using social media. The game also shows players starting rallies and protests in order to expose corruption and injustice. If this is to be compared with the current situation then the people across the country are gathering to demand justice for George Floyd.

Bitcoin considered as a protest tool 

Due to the current situation with coronavirus pandemic and protest it has been seen that people are moving more towards cryptocurrency. This is not only the case in the United States as crypto adoption is increasing across the world. A lot of people believe that cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin can be easily used as a protest tool in order to run protests against the financial institutions.

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