People of China Only Fancy And Value BSV- Ella Qiang
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People of China Only Fancy And Value BSV- Ella Qiang

February 12, 2020      Zain Raza

The Bitcoin SV China Conference showcased the admiration BSV has in China. In Spite of it being the first BSV conference in China, it was, in glamorous terms, a sell-out as people turned up in significant numbers. Ella Qiang, founder of CambrianSV believes that this is yet another sign that people in China love Bitcoin. Ella Qiang, in an interview, talked about the indispensable love China shares for Bitcoin.

Qiang boasted 

“ I’m very impressed with the overall setup and the presentations for this event. The first official event put up by the Bitcoin Association [in China], and showcased the various Chinese applications that have been built on the Bitcoin SV chain.”

Chinese developers have been working rigorously to build applications for BSV. One of the most prominent ones is ShowPay, which enable payment exchange in BSV and other BSV-powered tokens, In pitch Day in Seoul, the inaugural Bitcoin Associations event, ShowPay stole the show. Another breath-taking development is Welblock, a BSV blockchain, social media application that enables earning for content writers from the content they produce.

The event also provided the audience with a chance to hear from prominent BSV faces like Craig Wright, who talked about what’s next for BSV and future plans.

China has been at the top of the chain as a leader in both technological innovations and adoption, and China proved its mettle in Bitcoin too. The people of China embraced it long before the western world started taking it seriously. However, they have come to grips with the fact that BSV is the only Blockchain project which is sticking to the principle of Satoshi. This has led to people switching sides from other bitcoin projects to BSV.

Ella Xiang enunciated that Bitcoin’s roots in China are deeply-rooted from the very beginning. She also states that Bitcoin SV’s big blocks should be the way forward for the Bitcoin ecosystem. She believes that all this makes Bitcoin SV a natural choice for the people of China.

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