PolkaPlay Token Ushers in a New Era of NFTs

Evan  |  Aug 2, 2021

From content to NFTs, PolkaPlay token is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. PolkaPlay provides a social NFT platform for users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games.

 Earlier this year,  it was evident that current generic social media platforms are not efficient enough to host the rising flow of NFT content. People are often tweeting their content and then attaching web links to third-party marketplaces, which proves to be difficult and confusing for beginners and first-time crypto users, therefore PolkaPlay decided to merge two concepts together to achieve a functioning ecosystem. From content to NFTs, all in one place. 

PolkaPlay is continuously forging ahead to evolve into the ultimate platform for users to create content and NFTs to earn rewards. A platform where users can seamlessly create, mint, tokenize, and share their talent with the world, is what we aim to be.

While the final app is still under development, PolkaPlay MVP https://app.polkaplay.io/ version enables users to upload the various types of content on the app to enjoy and test the social features, however, it will take some more time until they will be able to convert their content into NFTs. So far PolkaPlay MVP has reached 12,000+ active users and has had outstanding feedback. Together with a group community of members and a few early adopters we are constantly working on improving our user experience and introducing new features. 

$POLO: The PolkaPlay Token

PolkaPlay is set to launch its own $POLO token through the IDO process which will allow PolkaPlay community members to own a stake in the platform and reap its benefits.  $POLO is the primary force that drives the PolkaPlay Ecosystem.

Utility of POLO token will be a medium of exchange, used as a primary mode of payment on the PolkaPlay ecosystem. POLO tokens can be used to create and trade NFTs on the platform as well. Holding 100 POLO tokens will enable users to mint more than one NFT in a span of 24 hours. 

Users can stake POLO to participate in exclusive NFT drips from their favorite content creators and initial NFT offering. POLO tokens will also be used for staking and liquidity pools on the PolkaPlay network. Liquidity providers who stake POLO will be rewarded with platform fees in the form of POLO tokens, enabling users to stake and earn rewards. Our ecosystem also enables NFT Farming wherein users will be able to stake POLO for the benefit of farming rate NFTs. 

Governance rights will enable POLO holders to authorize proposals and vote upon them. Portions of platform transaction entry/exit fees will be used for governance rewards. By participating in voting, token holders may earn rewards. For proposals to be accepted, they must be endorsed by a sufficient number of token holders. 

IDO on quad launchpads

The IDO will allow PolkPlay community members to own a stake in the PolkaPlay platform and reap its benefits. Therefore, all crypto enthusiasts are invited to partake in the massive multi-platform IDO! $POLO will be launching on four platforms: Poolz, BSC Station, Moonstarter, and Red Kite on different dates giving people an opportunity and freedom of choice to get involved and revolutionize the way people interact with content. 

Key dates

  • IDO on Poolz - The IDO will commence on the 27th of July
  • IDO on BSC Station - The IDO will commence on the 29th of July.
  • IDO on Moon Starter - The IDO will commence on the 2nd of August. (The whitelist has started and will end 24 hours before the IDO starts and the claiming of tokens starts after 30 mins we list on the exchange)
    • IDO on Red Kite - The IDO will commence on the 6rd of August. (The whitelist round on Red Kite will start on 26th July at 2 PM UTC)
    • Token Information

      $POLO is the primary force that drives the PolkaPlay Ecosystem. It is the native currency for PolkaPlay and it is used as the platform’s utility and governance token. The total supply is fixed at 1.8 Billion. POLO will be issued and distributed as a BEP20 token at the IDO and will be cross-chain compatible later.

      Token Distribution 

      • Seed Sale: (5%) 
      • Strategic: (14%)
      • Public Round: (3%) 
      • Liquidity: (DEX, CEX) (14%) 
      • Staking Pool (5%)
      • Marketing  (14%) 
      • Team, strategic partners, and advisors (20%) 
      • Farming activities (6%) 
      • NFT Emissions (5%) 
      • Foundation  (14%) 
      • You can follow PolkaPlay by these social links for future news and updates: 

        Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Polkaplayio

        Community Group: https://t.me/Polkaplay

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