Publicly Traded Firms, ETPs, Trusts Control Around 7% of Bitcoin Supply

Sahaj  |  Jun 16, 2021

Publicly traded firms have added Bitcoin to their treasuries during the first four months of the year 2021 than during the entire last year. Over $6.5 billion worth of BTC is equivalent to one percent of the entire capitalization of the crypto asset.

ETPs, Trusts, and Listed Companies Control Around 7% of Bitcoin Supply

Talking further about the market capitalization of Bitcoin, further 5.75% of it is held by ETPs and closed-ended trusts. 

In accordance with the new study conducted by the Nickel Digital Asset Management, it contained these figures and around 19 companies that are included are worth a combined market capitalization of over a trillion. 

Also, it has been revealed that 13 out of those 19 companies are based in North America, three are based in Europe and the remaining are based in Australia, Turkey, and Hong Kong. 

Though seventeen more listed firms bought the flagship cryptocurrency, their allocation details are not made available.

Anatoly Crachilob, the CEO and Co-founder of Nickel Digital Asset Management, argued in Hedgeweek that an amalgamation of the coronavirus pandemic and the expansionary monetary policies from the central banks has spiked the risk of currency debauch, saying:

“This, coupled with the increasingly inflationary guidance by Fed and an ever-expanding pile of US $18 trillion of negatively yielding global bonds, has encouraged many corporations to contemplate an allocation to alternative assets.” 

Morgan Stanley Ready to Stretch BTC Fund Options

As revealed recently, the wealth management clients of Morgan Stanley will soon be provided with more options to get involved with Bitcoin.

In accordance with an SEC filing, it was revealed that Morgan Stanley:

"Company will receive certain placement and servicing fees with respect to clients it refers to the issuer."

The head of bank solutions at the New York Digital Investment Group said:

"What we're doing is making it simple for everyday Americans and corporations to be able to buy Bitcoin through their existing bank relationships." 

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