'Queen of Thanksgiving' Martha Stewart Launches Fresh Set of NFTs

Gitumani  |  Nov 23, 2021

'Queen of Thanksgiving' Martha Stewart is opting for a fresh set of Ethereum NFTs. Martha Stewart has already emancipated NFTs, but this fresh batch concentrates on her bread-and-butter holiday.

Martha Stewart enjoyed a legendary career as a magazine editor-in-chief. She is also popularly known as a TV personality and home goods expert. She had portrayed her brand name on everything to outlive & sell out the Halloween NFT collection back in September 2021.

Martha Stewart is soon to launch 100 NFTs images

Martha Stewart – the "Queen of Thanksgiving"; as addressed by a Time Magazine's press release touts, is back to inaugurate 100 NFT images and an animated NFT entitled "The First Thanksgiving 'remembering 1994."

Besides the story-based animated NFT, Martha Fresh Mint's collection has a huge variety of images that loomed in back issues of Stewart's fashionable home magazine Martha Stewart Living. The NFTs also have several images of pies, sandwiches, cornucopias, rooster sculptures, etc all in unique style arrangements.

The collection has price points ranging from $100 (photorealistic image) to $1,000 (impressionist rendition). Palette knife, watercolor, and oil painting restyles are worth $500. The animated NFT is the costliest NFT in the collection. At present, animated NFT is up for auction on OpenSea whose bidding amount starts at 3 ETH.

Dinner in 1994 New Jersey

It was at "The First Thanksgiving," ceremony that Stewart conveyed the story of a thanksgiving dinner with her family in 1994 New Jersey. She discloses her waking up with her mother at 4 am & preparing for dinner by 1 pm, every year.

Stewart is experienced in making animated NFTs before. This time, she auctioned her animation decked out as a Roy Lichtenstein's character for 1 ETH. Furthermore, a few days back Stewart dressed up as a "naughty nurse" had been resold for 4.1 ETH.

Stewart's curiosity in NFTs might seem like a surprising element to some of her fans. To date, it's a mystery who's the buyer of Stewart's NFTs.

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