Reddit to Deploy Layer 2 Solution Arbitrum to Scale Two Tokens Based on Ethereum 

Sahaj  |  Jul 23, 2021

Reddit forum made an announcement on Thursday saying that Reddit is ready to deploy 2 scaling solutions Arbitrum in a bid to move the tokens from the testnet to the main Ethereum blockchain via Arbitrum. It will be upgrading its Community Points, the crypto tokens that are used as rewards in two of its subreddits.

Reddit Deploying Layer 2 Scaling Solution Arbitrum to the Ethereum Blockchain

As revealed in the plan of Reddit, the integration is going to be on the testnet only initially, but it is another step towards the goal of the forum. 

The aim of the forum is to shift the tokens from the testnet to the main Ethereum blockchain via Arbitrum as it will ultimately lead to an increased number of transactions while still being at low costs. 

The team behind the forum released a statement that said:

“You’ll notice transactions happen much faster, and once you’ve created a Vault, you won’t have to keep claiming Moons/Bricks every month. They’ll just show up in your Vault like magic!”

The two tokens, Moons and Bricks started on a testnet version of the Ethereum blockchain in order to decrease the fees and gave allowance for a higher number of transactions to take place.

What Makes Arbitrum Stand Out

In accordance with the details provided by the Reddit team, Arbitrum, being developed by Off-chain Labs, is completely decentralized and derives its security from the main blockchain. 

As the users are going to be in full control of their Community Points, the developer-friendly nature of Arbitrum, and wider ecosystem support which has got the potential to grow more, intrigued the Reddit team.

In addition to this, the users are motivated by the forum to use the Vault feature that is built into the Reddit app in order to store their tokens. 

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