Ripple Partners With Rippleworks, Founded By CEO of Ripple
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Ripple Partners With Rippleworks, Founded By CEO of Ripple

March 12, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Ripple, one of the reputed blockchain companies, has signed the partnership agreement with Rippleworks to reinforce “powerful initiatives” globally.

Ripple Supports RippleWorks

Ripple Support

RippleWorks was named as one of the fastest developing not-profit organizations of 2020 by Fast Company, American Fast Company. The organization was found by Doug Galen and former boss of Ripple, Chris Larsen. Larsen who donated a considerable amount to State University Of San Fransico last year following his commitment to transform global payment systems acknowledged the recognition by Fast Company and tweeted:

The non-profit which provides the funding and expert advice to entrepreneurs was hugely benefited from the upward growing trend of XRP tokens in 2017, which helped to convert the funds promising projects in dollars. The Ripple, which is a renowned name in the crypto space, is aiming to diversify the crypto markets by supporting the venture aiding to develop new businesses.

Criticism From Crypto Community

On the contrary to Ripple’s support, some of the members of crypto community were not satisfied by the new partnership and did not make an effort to acknowledge the recent move, calling is as another paid partnership. The critics claimed that Ripple partners with the company that was founded by its CEO seem nothing to be praised about. The team of Ripple was recently accused by its key partner MoneyGram who revealed that $11.3 was paid to use Ripple software.

Nonetheless, the recent partnership will help to gain the confidence of the fresh investors in the crypto industry, which will ultimately aid in diversifying the digital markets. The commitment of the various companies to ensure innovation in global payment systems will accelerate the crypto movement and helps in the worldwide adoption of digital currency.

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Tarulika Jain
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