Roger Ver Playing Safe on Mining Tax Again, Fearing Outrage
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Roger Ver Playing Safe on Mining Tax Again, Fearing Outrage

February 27, 2020      Zain Raza

The BCH mining tax reform has become an Achilles heel for the Bitcoin Cash community and it seems that it made Roger Ver take a step back as well. The controversial plan was an infrastructure funding one which would have required miners to donate a substantial percentage (12.5%) of the rewards earned by them, not by their whims, to a new entity.

Roger Ver was supposedly the one who was in favour of the initiatives earlier, but a while ago he openly stated that he is not a fan of this scheme. He went on to add that neither nor he wanted to pull the strings of this much-despised project.

Roger Ver talked about the mining tax once again in a new youtube upload and added that

“I didn’t sign this nor did I agree to have my name on it when it went out. didn’t sign it; it went out without our approval. There were a misunderstanding and lack of communication.” changed its tune after seeing the vox populi and came out in public stating that they would not take further steps down this road till there’s more amity amongst the community. They also proposed that transparency, flexibility and unity should be the hallmark of this project while obliterating the odds of a  negative chain split. They also said that they would give other options a whirl to fund their development further.

Genuine Guilty Conscience or Roger Ver Hiding His Ulterior Motives?

Roger Ver distancing himself from the IFP raises a few eyebrows, given the fact that his association pushed for the draft in the first place. Mayhaps he fretted at the prospect of facing slack and the howls of derisions coming from the community.

The theory that the funds would rest with cooperation rather than a non-profit entity led to trust issued amongst the community. They wallowed at the thought that this can lead to that cooperation turning omnipotent and an en masse control over how BCH shapes out in the future. The worst fear that the community endures is the Chinese government’s invasion.

Some voices reckon that Roger Ver is putting up the good old dog and the puny show, where he sounds like he is against the tax, but deep down is hell-bent on it and relishing the prospect.

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